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What Are The Most Effective Senior Living Marketing Strategies?

One of the fastest growing online business arenas for selling products and services in America is senior living. As millions of baby boomers retire, there is more need than ever for all kinds of innovative businesses. Some of the biggest industries right now include real estate for retirees, retirement homes, caregivers, nursing homes, medical aids for walking, talking and speaking, private nurses, massage therapists, wheelchairs, step-in-tubs, memory aids, supplements, palliative care workers, and more.

The potential for business is great but so is the potential for competition, which is why it is crucial that you, the owner of a website that serves the needs of this aging population, has senior living marketing strategies in place. This means having a sleek, professional website to advertise your services that provides clear, concise information, a senior-friendly platform, and a simplified, fast checkout so that seniors are not worried about the payment process as they order products from you.

8 Must-Have Marketing Strategies For Senior Living

Here are eight of the best marketing strategies for senior living that you can adopt during the boom of seniors expected to dominate the online markets until at least 2030.

1 – Have a senior-friendly web design: Senior users need website design with large type for those who have trouble seeing and audio to help those who are hard of hearing. Using bright colors and a simple, obvious layout can help prevent the frustration and confusion that the memory impaired sometimes experience when they are using websites.

2 – Seniors need a responsive web design that works on every device: Many seniors communicate on tablets or large cell phones, and they prefer to use touch sensitive-screens rather than fuss with typing or point-and-click web pages.

3 – Make sure seniors can find your web page online: Be sure to use the language of seniors when optimizing your SEO to make your website more searchable. It is also a good idea to use location-specific SEO techniques so that seniors can find the services they want in their own neighborhood.

4 – Create a blog that contains SEO optimized articles: This blog can be on your site or off-site, and it will draw business to you as long as it links back to the home page of your website. A good approach is to build your articles around popular topics that seniors search for on Google and other search engines and then design this article editorially so that it somehow leads to a call to action to your website.

5 – Allow senior living marketing experts to develop pay-per-click strategies and content for you:SEO professionals can find the keywords that will result in a flood of traffic to your site at the most minimal cost to you. Pay-per-click can work particularly well for senior living websites on a budget, especially if you advertise on social media sites that are popular with seniors such as Facebook.

6 – Develop an email marketing campaign strategy: Most seniors will read their email, and an SEO marketing consultant can help you create and run effective campaigns that bring you more business. SEO experts will also make sure that your website has efficient email collection technology. No visitor to your site should ever leave it, without a request for an email address. It is crucial this is done properly as some seniors are suspicious of having their information gathered and revealed to others. You should also make it clear that the senior can easily opt out of the service if necessary by simply clicking a link, as sometimes forget that they actually agreed to receive newsletters from you into their inbox. However, keep in mind that they are not going to opt out of your service if they are intrigued by an email header that truly interests them. Keep the email headers humorous and entertaining and never frighten them with a joke that could be perceived as a threat or they will never open another email from you. For instance, never write a header that says something like “This week’s bargains are a real steal” as a senior with cognitive problems might read that to mean that you intend to steal from him or her.

7 – Developing a strong social media presence online: This strategy can play a crucial part in getting out the word about your services as many seniors are online, involved with their families, especially on Facebook, which once setup, is one of the easiest services for them to operate. Sending friend requests to seniors and using Facebook, ads can help your senior customers remember that you are available and ready to serve them.

8 – Create videos to entertain seniors and also provide information about your business: A great marketing video is an excellent tool for selling and learning online. However, some seniors have short attention spans, so it is best to keep your videos very short. It is also crucial that these videos are not so entertaining that your main message is obscured by the narrative of the video. Video descriptions and content can also be optimized with search phrases, and all of your crucial information and the name of your company should be presented first so that the senior can retain the memory of it should they decide to shut your video off.

Hiring senior living marketing consultants can really help your business stand out from the crowd in a business realm that is soon to be booming with competition. Hiring SEO marketing experts is also a good idea because it helps free up your time to grow your business, while you allow the professionals manage the upkeep and functionality of it.

Make sure that you are ready for this lucrative opportunity by having all of your senior living marketing plans in place so that you can handle the flood of business that will be coming your way in the next few years.

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