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Website Marketing Techniques Increasing Your Link Appeal

In this days search engine rankings have become one of​ the​ most important issues for a​ website. Because of​ that the​ major search engines like Google,​ Yahoo and MSN frequently update their algorithms in​ order to​ deliver best results to​ their users. the​ most important factor in​ a​ search engine’s ranking algorithm is​ link popularity.

Link popularity is​ defined as​ the​ number of​ links that point to​ a​ site. the​ search engines consider this links as​ some kind of​ votes in​ the​ sites favor. Some time ago it​ didn’t matter what kind of​ links pointed to​ your site. So every webmaster linked their sites to​ any other site not considering it’s nature. Link exchange was the​ best website marketing strategies in​ those times. But now,​ the​ search engines updated their algos and they investigate every “vote”.

Link popularity remains a​ major factor in​ the​ search engine’s way of​ ranking but what’s more important this days is​ the​ quality of​ the​ links. When the​ search engine spider crawls,​ it​ investigates all the​ incoming links to​ see if​ they are good “votes” or​ bad “votes”. When everybody was making reciprocal links only the​ number was important. But this reciprocal links are not so powerful any more because search engines are looking for links on​ related sites with related content that are not placed their just for receiving a​ link back. the​ spider wants to​ find out if​ that link is​ placed there because of​ the​ quality of​ the​ site is​ pointing to.

So increasing your link popularity is​ still the​ best website marketing strategy but try to​ get only good links from related sites. This way you’ll benefit from the​ direct targeted traffic and you’ll have good search engine positioning too.

There are many ways to​ get quality links. the​ best would be acquiring one way links. if​ the​ inbound links are one way then the​ search engine will know from the​ beginning that the​ links are not a​ result of​ an​ agreement between two webmasters. you​ can achieve one way links by writing good articles and distribute them for reprinting over the​ net,​ having great content on​ your site,​ writing testimonials for products that you​ used or​ even purchasing them. Reciprocal links are still good but try to​ trade your links only with sites with similar topics and trust worthy sites.

In conclusion increasing your link popularity with good legit links will boost your site’s traffic in​ no time.



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