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Website Marketing Strategies One Way Links

One of​ the​ best website marketing strategy is​ having great search engine positions in​ all major search engines. Every webmaster’s goal is​ to​ have thousands of​ visitors every day. And the​ best way to​ receive targeted traffic is​ trough search engines. Today,​ it’s well known that link popularity is​ a​ very important factor in​ achieving good positions. So any webmaster that has a​ site,​ want’s as​ many inbound links as​ it’s possible.

There are two kind of​ inbound links: one way links and reciprocal links. in​ this article I will try to​ show you​ some advantages of​ one way links and some good tested methods to​ get them.

First of​ all you​ should know that any link that points to​ a​ website is​ like a​ vote from the​ search engine’s point of​ view.

1. the​ best method to​ get many optimized one way links is​ to​ write great articles and submit them to​ article directories. You’ll just have to​ place a​ link to​ your site in​ the​ end of​ the​ article or​ in​ the​ resource box. the​ great thing about this article based one way links is​ that they all come from only content pages. the​ article will be related to​ your site and it​ will contain your desired keywords. Increasing your link popularity with this powerful links will give your site great search engine positioning and also lots of​ targeted visitors. This website marketing strategy will bring you​ amazing results.

2. Writing articles is​ the​ easy way to​ get one way links. the​ more difficult way to​ achieve them is​ to​ ask for them over the​ net. you​ can spend some time looking for sites that are related to​ yours and sending an​ email to​ the​ webmasters. if​ you​ can convince them that their visitors could be interested in​ what you​ have on​ your site than the​ webmaster will place link on​ his site. This method could be really time consuming but it​ can bring you​ quite good results.

3. if​ you​ have great content on​ your site or​ a​ useful tool webmasters will link to​ you​ to​ offer their visitors new information and utilities.

4. Another method would be writing testimonials for services that you​ used. if​ you​ used a​ product,​ read a​ book,​ you​ can send a​ testimonial to​ the​ website owner and place a​ link to​ your site in​ the​ end. This method is​ quite useful because it​ will bring you​ lots of​ traffic. the​ visitors that are interested in​ buying the​ product usually want to​ know more about the​ person that left the​ testimonial.

All in​ all,​ if​ you​ are looking for a​ good website marketing strategy,​ than one way links will satisfy your needs. This links will boost up your search engine positions and will bring you​ tons of​ targeted visitors.



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