Aure builds out the ThisWeekIn Web Design sitemap in Illustrator as Jose and guest Victoria Heric build a pen and paper version, demonstrating two techniques for approaching sitemap creation. 00:39 Guest Introductions, Victoria Heric of David & Goliath 03:18 Aure finally gets insurance with Hiscox 08:28 Reviewing the site architecture 09:18 Using Illustrator to build a sitemap 11:20 Designing hierarchy within the sitemap 14:35 Getting in the zone as a project manager 17:52 Working collaboratively on a sitemap originally generated in Illustrator 19:10 The importance of working with a hybrid approach while designing sitemaps 24:43 Aure and Victoria discuss approaches for planning a site’s development 26:08 Jose breaks down projects into Execution, Inception, and Launch categories 27:35 Prioritizing with the client using the MOSCOW process 30:19 Jose encourages viewers to have fun with the prioritization process 31:08 The Design Tackle Box 32:58 It’s only live television as Jose drenches his laptop 33:45 Defining the Assessment category for the ThisWeekIn website 35:21 Determining the importance of a sitewide Blog and it’s relevance to Community 39:14 The team discuss the importance of forums on the ThisWeekIn website 40:41 Brainstorming methods to integrate sponsors into the website redesign beyond banner ads 44:02 Designing the user experience of the Assesment process 50:54 The site is starting to sound like one giant dating service 54:04 Sink Or Swim for Skye Crue Media 55:47 Choosing typefaces and Stop Stealing Sheep and Learn How Type Works 58:19 Jose talks about storytelling within identity design