We Spent 5 Minutes with Branding, Graphic Design and Web Design GURU (WEBSITE DESIGN HOW TO)

We pay a visit to an incredible branding, graphic design, and webwork duo by the name of Salt to finish up our website design. We’ve been working with Salt for years, and continue going back because they do such wonderful work. We’ve been with them through multiple rebrands, and they are the geniuses behind our current branding and logo. Pure graphic design, web design, branding, webwork JEDI.

As independent musicians, it is imperative to build a team of professionals who can help build your brand and spread your message. It’s tough to diy web page design, and create a website for free, so we always go with the pros. We spent more than 5 minutes with branding, graphic design, and web design guru named Salt, but cut the footage down to give you the best of the best. From branding your business on social media to how to get your music noticed in 2019, they have plenty of great advice. You can see their work in action across all our social media platforms and on our brand new website www.thelionyls.com – where you can now BUY OUR MERCH!


‘Pocket’ Available Everywhere Now!
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You’re watching #LionylLivin with The Lionyls! Join us as we vlog our adventure through music. Fun fuelled by funk, soul, rock and roll, there are so many wonderful things for a band to experience. Buckle your funky seatbelts, this is your all access backstage pass. Edited by Christian McCuaig.

BUY OUR MERCH: www.thelionyls.com
LISTEN NOW: https://smarturl.it/fm9xzd

Welcome to the #LionylPride! You’re in for a wild ride.

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