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Visual Marketing Strategies for Eye-Popping Content in 2018

This year and age is the best time to implement visual marketing to boost your site’s traffic. Users respond to images and videos because it’s easier to understand and provide higher retention rates. Moreover, visuals are shareable. They are compact which makes them the best type of content to spread around social media.

The visual marketing strategies listed below will help you produce the best and the ‘viral’ posts on the Internet that will help you hit your goals and targets for the year. These techniques are action-driven.

Recycling your best contentRecycling your best content - Visual Marketing Strategies

The best content in your alley is the one that continuously generates traffic to your site. Creating a new format for the existing content enables your audience to consume it in a refreshing manner.

Pick the most popular posts and use them to create a new set of visuals. You can choose from the following formats for visual content marketing:

  • Infographics
  • Images and photos
  • Video
  • Animated GIF (graphics interchange format)
  • Slideshows
  • Screenshots
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Inspiring quote cards
  • Quizzes and puzzles
  • Pictograms, diagrams, maps, graphs, and charts

Transforming long-form content provides users a different option to digest the information. It takes less time to find what they are looking for compared to reading a thousand-word article. When making a visual, using your creativity is vital. The content must appeal to your audience while the information must be relevant to your target market. Users are likely to share posts within their interests.


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Making interactive website guidelines and FAQs

Users often skip a site’s guideline page as they are often dull and filled with complicated words. Coming up with an interactive walkthrough of your site engages the user and keeps them entertained. Therefore, it increases their session time which may result in lower bounce rates for your site.

An infographic or presentation summarizes your frequently-asked-questions and makes it available in one seating. It is one of the best methods for visual content marketing. Moreover, these formats thrive on social media sites like Slideshare, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you want a bite-sized and unforgettable set of guides, make a GIF out of it.

Using experiences to leverage Instagram

Instagram started as a platform to show off square images. It was the digital version of Polaroid photos until people began using filters and enhanced editing skills for a curated feed. The platform continuously updates its features as it now utilizes hashtags, multiple photo sets, videos, motion graphics, and live video streaming.

All of these helps companies and businesses to present a new line of products. Sources of content vary from professional models, in-house photo shoots and commercials to low-budget video productions and selfies from loyal customers. The casual photos and Instagram stories make it a site for all.


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Coming up with customized Pinterest images

Unlike Instagram square and neat photos, Pinterest likes it long and rectangular. Thus, the best photos are those with the exact dimensions of the site. Pinterest is the platform for infographics, image tutorials, collages, and charts. You can make text overlays while discovering designs from other users. A well-designed visual is effective in driving traffic to the original site.

Polishing your brand’s appearance

Users must recognize your brand immediately when using visual marketing. To establish your brand on the web, you must have two logos to use *interchangeably. The first logo must be complete. It must include the brand name and other additional elements such as a slogan, and website. The second one is a single icon. It’s simple and neat.

You two logos for different types of content. Videos, for instance, require a small logo. On the other hand, the longer version fits well on photos and infographics.


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Crafting templates for uniformity

Besides logo and other forms of branding, using templates is a way to retain consistency and one of the best visual marketing strategies. It associates the set of posts to your brand, company or business. You can use a branded title card to end the video instead of the usual credits. If you have images, you can incorporate your logo on top of the layout. Use the similar style of images and filters. Set a standard color scheme. Having a template also has an advantage. You can finish a visual faster than usual.

Tapping on your funny bone

Nothing beats a laughing baby, a smiling pug, and an epic fail post. All of these are viral for a reason and the best visual content marketing strategy. They make you feel good. They make you laugh until you pee your pants. Thus, the key to outreach and increasing the traffic to your site lies in your sense of humor.

Publish funny posts once in a while even when they are out of your scope. Be light-hearted and find the positive in the situation especially when dealing with a technical topic. It eases the pain of grasping the message as well as the boredom of your audience.

The length of people’s attention span is shorter than the way they were before. Users and search engine algorithms nowadays prefer accessible, timely, and stimulating content. Therefore, getting creative with visuals helps you generate eye-popping content. Interactive guidelines, templated images, and funny video clips are some of the visuals to create that will level up your visual marketing strategies.

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