Video Marketing Techniques For Automobile Dealerships

Video Marketing Techniques For Automobile Dealerships

It’s real, video makes everything much better– like how well your dealership is discovered, believed of, and engaged with online. Everybody understands that they need to be making videos, but end up not prioritizing it due to the fact that it’s kind of a pain in the ass. That’s easy to understand, but likewise a huge missed out on chance– so have a look at how impactful video can be to your sales, how you can start making them today, and how we can assist.

Making Videos Will Increase Your …

1. SEO authority and presence: Google’s task is to offer searchers the finest answer to any question, and their algorithm has begun to rank YouTube outcomes and websites with video as the very best (most valuable, beneficial, interesting) answer for numerous queries– especially tutorial, how-to, evaluation, and test-drive associated queries. The more granular you get the more likely you will rank highly for long-tail, model-specific keywords– like this “2016 Honda Civic Keyless Gain Access To Setup” video we made starring our buddy HondaPro Jason.

2. Brand name Awareness: Producing creative video spots– whether for standard and/or digital platforms– will stick your trademark name, and your USPs, in your audience’s collective mind. A spot we just ran for a dealer in the Chicago suburbs on broadcast TELEVISION, Facebook, and YouTube resulted in a 25% lift in direct traffic, the crucial sign of increased brand name awareness. That lift then correlated to an increase of 30 systems offered YOY this previous November. Here’s another area presently running on broadcast and digital, which is prematurely to report on, however shows the kind of goofy, initial ideas that will make people remember your brand name.

3. Social media growth and reach: Video ads normally delight in better engagement than static advertisements on social networks (obviously there are exceptions depending on the material/ platform). In a recent paid social project we ran for a customer on Facebook– including both static and video ads– 85% of the total engagement originated from video ads, despite the fact that video ads just represented 17% of the overall invest. Another campaign we ran this previous summer season (see below) resulted in 67% more reach and 48% more clicks at half the expense.

4. Site engagement metrics: Having videos on your website keeps individuals on your website. We can definitively see the distinction throughout lots of campaign landing pages– which we have launched and then included video to at a later date– where there are significant boosts in Time On Page. The longer you can keep a user on your page– educating them about your car, service, or offer– the more most likely you are to ultimately transform them. For example, this simple landing page video explaining a deal campaign has actually resulted in 100+ leads.

5. Visits and Sales: Increased metrics and conversions eventually lead to increased sales. Specifically, a Google report this month revealed that videos targeting” [Brand/Make] + Reviews” and ” [Brand/Make] + Specs” keywords were tracked to reveal a boost in real in-store sees. Google promotes that video is a critical first minute of the online customer’s buying journey, and being there for that first minute correlates to in-store gos to within the week. ( Google’s Study ). The best part is that each private video– if effectively syndicated, enhanced, and dispersed– can positively affect your SEO, Social, and Website all at the same time. You know what else is great news …?

Videos Are Actually Easy to Make Now!

Everyone can make videos nowadays. They need no devices (if you have a smartphone), no monetary investment, and almost no time at all at all. Look: I simply made these 3 videos of myself at my desk in less than 10 seconds!

Me, gradually realizing I’m beautiful! Are these 3 visual masterpieces the outcome of 4 years of training from my video production college degree, plus another 5 years of experience here at LDM dealing with a team of highly-trained creative experts. No, I learned how to do this from a three-year-old: my good friend “Infant Z”.

Infant Z is the King of Snapchat Child Z: My instructor, my motivation My point is: everybody can now shoot and release their own videos immediately. There is nothing stopping you from going out onto your lot today and shooting an automobile walk-around for every single new design on your lot– with only an iPhone, a smile, and your know-how– and then releasing them all to YouTube, Facebook, and your website to try and reap the benefits of all the metrics we went over above.

That’s no joke. Our friend Allyn Hane AKA”The Yard Care Nut”, who is also about to hit 70,000 customers by bringing his selfie-stick and lawn mowing abilities to the web.

If you have the enthusiasm, the best content strategy, and the knowledge to correctly optimize your videos for search engines — you can truly get your face and brand out there with absolutely nothing more than a phone. The only problem is …

Videos Are Truly Tough to Make Now.

It takes a major camera, script, and production group

to make a winning video. This is where the other shoe drops. Life isn’t all lovable infant snapchats and simple YouTube popularity.

Look: bringing terrific content is only half the battle. Because we are all totally inundated with online videos now, we have come to expect great materialand fantastic production quality. If you do not have the overall package, if you’re not bringing remarkable value, individuals will scroll right on by since there’s constantly a much better video right around the corner, and we can all make that snap-judgment right away. It’s a severe digital world.

Shaky video, bad audio, out of balance color, and amateur editing will not just fail to draw viewers in, but will cheapen your brand name by leaving an unfavorable impression. It’s hard to trust an organisation if they don’t look expert.

Even content creators like Allyn and Jason– who get more slack since they are not brand names attempting to sell anything, just cool people informing their peers– have needed to considerably update their equipment over the past few years to keep growing their audiences. Browse their YouTube channels and see the evolution of them investing in wireless mics, cam stabilizers, and numerous post-production hours to keep their videos amusing for our diminishing attention spans.

You require top quality video to present yourself as a high-quality organisation. Shots like this from our LDM drone pilots go a long method ?

So, where does that leave us? We understand that:

  • Video is a sure-fire way to enhance your marketing and sales
  • You require the one-two punch of excellent content and great production quality to get results
  • This all still seems like a pain in the ass

This is where your friendly area innovative digital partner can be found in: LDM.

What Can LDM Provide For You?

Me and our Art Director, Phil Bridge, speaking about scripts and cameras and things, probably.

I seem like we have the sort of relationship now where we do not need to provide you the hard-sell, but just so you know: we have a full-service creative department of copywriters, designers, videographers, video editors, motion artists, and visual results artists on staff. In other words, that indicates we can make anything for you, and more effectively (see: less expensive) than others in the market due to the fact that we do not hire any outside vendors– our imaginative group does it all. When produced, we then deal with our SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, and CRO digital strategists to ensure you get optimal ROI impact out of each video across channels.

We partner with each private dealership to create custom-made videos that work towards their goals, represent their strengths, and fit their budget plan. Having stated that, we can break our video services into some basic classifications for you to get you a concept of what we provide:

Video Strategy Consulting: If you depend on the task of shooting and modifying your own videos, however desire to make sure they make an impact online, our group can supply you with a custom-made material strategy (based on keyword and market research) that will be your guide on which video topics (designs, functions, USPs, deals, news) will get the most reach, exposure, and engagement. We will then teach you how to correctly distribute and optimize your videos for search engines (or do it for you!).

  • Perk Tips: We can likewise offer you some recommendations for devices that will work with your particular phone or cam to boost the quality of your audio and video.

Video Production: You desire the A-Team making your videos? We’ll send our videographers, elegant cameras, and high-flying drones to make your car dealership appearance awesome. We will entirely tailor your shoot for what you’re looking for, these are some typically asked for video types that have been reliable for our customers.

  • About United States: Let the world understand why they ought to purchase from you.
  • USP: Breakdown a specific deal or perk you have that no one around you does.
  • Walkaround: Make a sales representative a star and trip a specific design or design function.
  • Service: Display how inviting and convenient your service department is to convert more visits.
  • Follow-Up: Go the extra-mile and include an individual touch by playing follow-up videos after lead submissions.
  • HTML5: Add a video background to your homepage and “wow” online consumers the 2nd they get here
  • Event Protection: Got something unique going on that you wish to record and show your fans? Our team will record all the excitement.

Innovative Project: This is where we can really bring everything we talked about together for maximum effect. We’ll learn what makes your dealership special, then create an innovative principle based on it that will make individuals love, keep in mind, and shop your brand name. We’ll script it, shoot it, tactically push it out across platforms, and then monitor your metrics to make changes on the fly.

Let’s Get to work You know why you

should make videos. You understand how to shoot videos. … are you prepared to make some videos? Let us know what you have in mind! Meet Mark McCarthy Mark is Creative Director