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Video Marketing Techniques and Expectations for 2018

Innovid, a leading video marketing platform, today revealed the release of a report titled, “Where are Brand Name Online Marketers Taking Their Video Technique in 2018?”

The report provides the results of a survey finished by 140 marketing decision-makers at top brands, performed this summertime by Brand Innovators in collaboration with Innovid.According to information shown MMW, the survey queried brand name online marketers on how they view their brand names’adoption of the current video marketing techniques, their beliefs about incorporating information, their adoption of KPIs to identify success, and what their strategies and expectations are for 2018 regarding their use of video to much better get in touch with consumers.The survey results showed that online marketers grade themselves quite harshly when inquired about their video marketing use. Few companies presently report themselves as leading-edge when asked about innovation in their video marketing methods and methods to attract today’s customers, with just six percent defining their brand names as innovators in video. Online marketers do have a video vision for 2018, and almost 80 percent of participants stated that they will increase their video advertising in 2018 to construct more powerful relationships with viewers. Furthermore, they reveal extensive optimism about how they imagine the coming year.”Innovid partnered with Brand name Innovators to conduct this study hoping get honest feedback from leading companies about their video marketing efforts and expectations for the future,”said Beth-Ann Eason, president of Innovid. “Lots of online marketers appear to be coming down hard on their own video marketing efforts, but it is also clear that there is so much untapped capacity and optimism about video marketing and its influence on customers to be utilized in the year to come. Innovid’s expertise in partnering with brand names to develop video marketing methods enables them to fix real service problems through data-driven innovative campaigns with concrete measurement and outcomes.”Additional crucial highlights from the survey include: Marketers are being kept back by 3 essential obstacles: budget, lack of internal proficiency and prioritization.Funding is the gating consider video advertising volume for the vast majority of online marketers, though 79 percent of companies will be increasing their video marketing efforts in 2018. Marketers are uninformed about the costs associated with deploying customized video advertisements. 45 percent of respondents do not believe that creative can

  • be tailored into numerous variations for less than$20,000. Interactive TV ads are currently underutilized due to the fact that there is a basic absence of knowledge about the abilities that existing video advertising innovations provide.Quite a few companies( 35 percent )rely completely on companies to deploy their video possessions, showing a lack of sufficient internal video marketing expertise.Facebook and YouTube currently control the overall video advertisement invest, while mobile, which currently represents a quarter of ad spend, is still somewhat of an afterthought. OTT video platforms presently account for 9 percent of video ad invest and are anticipated to increase significantly.Most marketers(90 percent of participants)comprehend the value of utilizing digital crucial efficiency indications(KPIs)in measuring the effectiveness of an online ad project, as opposed
  • to utilizing more conventional KPIs.”We were pleased to work with Innovid to perform this study as it generated critical industry insights about the existing and future state of video marketing,” stated Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder of Brand Innovators.”The results reveal the absence of extensive understanding of the present state of video, monetary barriers, and the unmet potential that video advertising has to get in touch with customers on a one-to-one basis. The outcomes likewise show the optimism of marketers and the substantial capacity that video marketing has to really take off in the next couple years.”Would like to know more? The white paper is offered for download here.
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