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Twitter Marketing Methods Vital For Small Companies

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is certainly one of the social media powerhouses when it comes to building relationships and driving traffic to gain more business, however not every business is using Twitter Marketing it to its full potential. 

Check out the following strategies and improve your Twitter Marketing by implementing any changes needed.​

Having a clean profile image is paramount to getting noticed, leaving with the Twitter egghead (the default image ) is a definite no no, and even if you are small business put up your personal image rather than a logo .. as they say people do business with people and Twitter is no different…

twitter tips

2. Background / Header Image

Your header /background image is an opportunity to promote your brand, services and even products. Don’t waste it ! Have a look at what others are doing in your niche and maybe do something similar… try and think outside the box too. This can be changed at anytime so great for events and product launches.

twitter tips boom social kim garst

A great place to say what you are about using keywords. Some people use hashtags in their bios too, I would suggest to test this and see what works best. Keywords are more likely to be picked up from the search engines than hashtags. Don’t forget to show your human side and add in some interests and hobbies too others will love it. 

Don’t forget to add in links to your website… If you don’t have a website, maybe your have an affiliate product you could send them too or even another social media platform… But if your serious your own website is a must. 

peg fitzpatrick social media twitter marketing

You probably have a Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin accounts too and maybe many others be sure to let your followers on these other platforms that they can follow you on Twitter too. This is sometime overlooked and again, can provide you with even more targeted followers as they already follow you else where.

6. Promote Other Accounts 

Promote other Twitter accounts in your niche… some are worried about this as a fear to help your competitors, in fact it quite often works in reverse as your followers think you are even greater for giving them more great content, plus you will soon find that others start sharing your tweets too… so could end up a win win ! Try it !

twitter marketing

7. Brand Yourself As The Expert

If you have been following this article and taking action you are well on the way to branding yourself as the go to guy or gal in your niche. To enhance this be sure to post great content that your followers would be happy to share. 

18 Twitter #marketing strategies for small businesses #twittertips #twitter

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8. Promote Your Twitter Handle

There are various ways to promote your twitter handle, here are just a few, email signatures, quest blog posts, business cards, offline marketing material and even letterheads. All of these are free to do and if implemented, the results might just surprise you. 

This is not something that I have done, but I do know others that have done this, sites like Fiverr are where transactions are normally placed, if you do go down this route, do your research and make sure you will be getting targeted followers for your niche.

10. Optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your Twitter account and your tweets are all able to be located by search engines, adding keywords, and hashtags, will only enhance your chances of being found. So make sure your content, keywords and hashtags are not something you don’t want to be found for it could do more harm than good.

11. Revive Old Posts On Your WordPress Site

If you have a WordPress blog, you can always use a plugin to repost old content, this gives you regular great content being tweeted out, and if you add relevant hashtags this will help you in the search engines too. A good plugin for this is called Revive Old Posts.

Although you only have 140 characters to play with for each tweet, research shows that you are actually more likely to get retweeted if your posts are shorter (around 100-115 characters) 

I have found that having the correct structure to your tweet does enhance engagement… here’s how to structure … first a short headline, then your link and then your hashtags (maximum of two)

twitter marketing tips

Tools are very much part of any marketing plan these days and Twitter is no exception and various tools can be used… but one I would highly recommend would be Buffer its allows you to schedule your tweets, plus gives you great analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. The best part is Buffer has a free account so it doesn’t eat into your marketing budget.

buffer twitter marketing

Remember be professional at all times, Twitter, as well as all the other platforms can appear all over the world, a few wrongs words … with a few retweets and very quickly you are trending worldwide. Aim, to help others, post content of value, and stay away from heated debates. 

Lists are a great way to organise your followers, plus a great way to engage with others that already have lists that you can subscribe too… this will give you targeted people to follow too if you are just starting out and don’t have too many followers yet. You can either make your lists private or public.

twitter lists marketing tips

17. Use Twitter Analytics

Within your own Twitter account you have analytics, these give you a running 28 day report on Tweets, Impressions, Profile visits, Mentions and Followers all very useful information.

twitter analyics marketing tips

Use @Mentions to build relationships and put yourself in front of top influencers Twitter audiences, but beware over use of this could result in you being labelled a spammer, so you need to build slowly and careful.

twitter mentions marketing tips

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @martinburt2 …. Leave your comments below including your Twitter handle for me to follow you back.

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