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The Most Expense Reliable App Marketing Strategies

Showing up, you’re gon na find the most reliable app marketing techniques to increase your downloads. As you’re planning your launch and still finding out which ones you need to focus on. Is it going to be PR, Apple feature, influencer marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO)? Which of these methods will provide you the biggest value?!

In our infographic, we ranked each technique into various tiers to determine the effectiveness based on 3 elements: your control, cost, and prospective downloads. Based upon these variables, I’ve tiered up each campaign that we have actually gotten truly great at and the ones the I think most app creators think of when they’re introducing or promoting their app.

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Tier 1 Techniques

Apple Function

Alright, let’s get into tier one. Tier one, we have Apple function. Look, this can translate into numerous thousand of downloads for your app, specifically if you’re a game.

We have actually assisted 12 of our customers included by Apple and three in primary home-page functions. I’m informing you from experience, not simply checking out other people’s blog post that, from a control viewpoint, I would state you’re most likely in good control, suggesting you have to develop a great app, and then there’s enough strategies out there to get in touch with Apple.

While you don’t have complete control over this strategy, however you have some control. Cost sensible, it doesn’t truly cost anything to try to get a function.

Downloads wise, you can get to 6 figure downloads and about 20,000-60,000 downloads for non-games.

Paid to Free Project

This is one of my favorite campaigns, it’s where you make one of your in-app purchases for free if you have a free app or if you have actually a paid app, you can make it for complimentary for a few days to drive tremendous amounts of downloads. Control-wise, you have complete control over this due to the fact that the way to do it is to connect to the press.

If you can develop an excellent adequate relationship, you can actually get functions. The two most significant sites that I found are AppAdvice and BGR. It barely costs anything and the downloads are pretty much like that of the Apple Function for non-games.

You don’t even have to stress over providing up possible revenue since based upon my experience just about 11% make the most of the free in-app purchase, however from a downloads point of view, it’s a really terrific method to drive downloads.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

You don’t have total control over it since Apple and Google have their own algorithm, but you still have pretty high control over how you wish to approach ASO.

It is be EXTREMELY cost-efficient if you discover how to do it yourself, however if you do hire somebody, the cost may get quite high. It won’t garner you millions of downloads. If you already have some user acquisitions projects in location then this technique will simply add additional increase to the organic growth.

Tier 2 Strategies

Facebook Advertisements

You do have total control over Facebook Ads by being able to narrow down your target audience, advertisement creative and everything else. I do enjoy Facebook advertisements, however cost-wise it can be a bit more costly than the campaigns I have under Tier 1. You can scale the cost down and it has the potential to drive a lot of downloads– if you have the loan for it.

Video Ads on Ad Networks

This appears to be the very best transforming ones from a cost-per-install (CPI) perspective and is the very best performing from a CPM monetization viewpoint as well.

It’s a win-win for both celebrations and you can currently see video ads taking off. You have a lot of control, however it can be truly pricey and you’ll be looking a CPIs of probably $2+.

Influencer Marketing

We have actually had actually good success with this strategy, particularly for video games. Pattern Pie is a sponsor of our podcast and a buddy of mine as well, and we utilize them for our clients and have actually seen some great results.

For the game or perhaps in the health and productivity categories, I would suggest you actually believe about influencer marketing. You have total control to select your influencer whether it be from whichever social networks platform: music.ly, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

However, running these projects can get relatively costly. I understand a lot of huge video game companies are spending 6-figures on influencer marketing projects and driving significant quantities of downloads.

Apple Search Advertisements and Google AdWords

These are really reliable also in helping you drive cost-efficient downloads. Control-wise, again, you control which keywords you wish to target and what does it cost? you’re willing to spend for them. Cost-wise it can get up there, if you’re not targeting properly. And lastly, downloads-wise, I feel like you’re going to tap out after a while or you’re just going to have to pay more.

Tier 3 Strategies

Item Hunt

Item Hunt is a great site for press; it’s similar to Reddit or Digg, however specifically for products. It can bring an excellent quantity of earnings, I got around $3,000 or $5,000 for my eBook, however this was in the past.

It might cost near almost nothing, however you have to get a Product Hunt mediator to send your app otherwise it may never see the light of day. When it comes to downloads, our clients have been featured on the website and they have actually done fairly well. It is just that spike of hundreds to a couple of thousand downloads so it’s not as efficient as it as soon as was.

Press Coverage

We have actually done a great deal of PR. Our customers have been featured on TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Mashable, The Next Web, and all the significant tech blog sites and the something I do not like about press is that you have little control.

It is entirely editorial, so you’re basically pitching someone to include your app and if you do land press protection you’re not going to get that many downloads.

The only time I would suggest you think about press is when you’re attempting to raise financing and when you have a long-lasting method of developing a brand name on your own.

Which has to do with it; if I missed anything just let me understand and I ‘d enjoy to re-do our infographic. For now, these are the projects that we have actually have actually had experience with which’s why I have the ability to put them into various tiers.



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