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The Best Influencer Marketing Techniques for Holiday Success

The holidays are a very lucrative—but also competitive—time of year for brands. Marketers are in a frenzy to finalize their creative and prepare months-long campaigns to help their businesses meet year-end sales goals. Which naturally begs the question: If every brand is aiming to drive large amounts of traffic, can anyone hear the deals through the noise? One thing to remember during this time is that consumers aren’t just shopping for gifts; they’re shopping for gift ideas. More than half look for ideas and deals on social channels. But here’s the thing—it’s hard to stand out and drive user engagement on social media. In fact, 67% of millennials say they’ve never clicked a sponsored post. The reason for this is probably that around 95% say that their most credible source of information is their friends. WHen running a marketing strategy on social media, the best way to engage with your target audience is through influencers. Influencers—from food bloggers and YouTubers to Instagram celebrities—are far more trusted than brands. And for every dollar brands spend on influencer marketing, they can see $6.50 in return. Here’s how major brands are creating great influencer content for holiday campaigns. When Old Navy wanted to promote certain …

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