The 5 Golden Rules of Web Design – Make Your Website More Effective

A successful website is more than just designing something that’s pretty. There are many different factors you must balance with the looks. Read the full blog post here:

There’s a lot of expertise that goes into designing a website. If you’re swamped running your business (who isn’t!?) then we can build you an affordable website that incorporates all the golden rules of web design. Click this link to learn more about us:

The 5 golden rules of every website are:

1) Purpose: without a purpose, there is no reason for the website. Every website should have one specific larger purpose and every page should have a smaller purpose that contributes to the overall purpose.

2) Consistency: A website needs to be consistent in look and appearance to gain trust and look authoritative to visitors. Without it, your website will fall flat.

3) Ease: The purpose of the website should be easy to achieve. Without simplicity and ease to accomplish the goal you don’t have anything.

4) Speed: Impatience rules the day so if your website doesn’t load quickly then it might as well not be there. Speed is essential.

5) Revise: A website is never static and should always be changing. Search engines want content that’s up-to-date and visitors want to know your business is relevant and open. Constant revisions will help prove your trust.

If you need some help creating a website that meets all these rules and will help bring you more customers, we can build you an affordable website. We have several affordable website plans that should fit your need:

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