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How Web 3.0 Works in 2022

Understanding Web 3.0Photo by Shubham Dhage on UnsplashWeb 3.0 is known as decentralized Internet and is also referred to as the third version of...

Web3 is coming faster than anyone thought

Agencies need to adapt even more quicklyBy Phillip Jackson - February 7, 2022Agencies need to shift into a higherTRENDING TODAYBrands from Budweiser to Macy’s...

Apple shot back at Facebook after the social media giant reignited a privacy war with full-page attack ads

/*! elementor - v3.5.3 - 28-12-2021 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image a img{width:48px}.elementor-widget-image img{vertical-align:middle;display:inline-block} Summary List PlacementApple shot back at Facebook after the social media giant launched attack...

Groupon a bad deal for restaurants and everyone else, including Groupon – O’Dell Restaurant Consulting’s Blog

Groupon CEO fired | click for Yahoo Finance article What happens when you sell a product or service that “kills” your customers? Just ask recently fired...

How to Make Your Ad Copy More Impactful | Inc.com

Adding a relevant keyword in your ad copy mirrors your audience's intention and will catch their eye. Doing your audience research is also important...

A List of 100% Working Social Media Strategies (to Try in 2021)

Do you reminisce about Facebook’s organic reach during 2012-14? Wasn’t it so great? Some of you might have taken the benefit back then, but chances are,...

Council Post: The Next Era Of Social Media Marketing Is Here

There have been unprecedented changes throughout the marketing landscape over the past several months. While none of us are experts on how to market...

How to Promote Your Content via Social Media : Social Media Examiner

Do you create written content? Wondering how to drive more traffic to your articles, eBooks, or white papers with less effort? In this article, you’ll...

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