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Supporting Leads With Automated Emails

When we talk about nurturing leads, we are really talking about gaining trust. Lead nurturing is the process of connecting with potential customers and making them want to buy from you. When we are making a purchase, we rarely pick up an unknown item and head straight to the checkout. Instead, we ask friends for a recommendation. We read the packaging. We look up the brand’s website and search for reviews of the product. Once we are confident that we are making the right decision, then we make a purchase. When you as a business get involved in this process, you are nurturing leads. You’re helping the customer decide that your product is the right one and that they can trust your brand.

Does lead nurture work?

Absolutely. A Forrester Research report found that companies with strong lead nurturing practices generate 50% more sales leads. And that’s not all. They also spend 33% less to net these sales. This really matters in a world where 96% of visitors to your website are not yet ready to buy. Nurturing leads is how you turn website visitors into customers and keep them coming back. On top of that, 65% of businesses report that generating leads is one of their biggest challenges in marketing. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Automated emails can help you nurture leads without requiring too much time or money.

Using email automation to support lead nurturing

Email automation is a fantastic tool for lead nurturing. With automated emails, you can send potential customers the right information at the right time to convince them to buy. Depending on when customers visit your website and subscribe, you can figure out when to engage them. You can use further metrics based on data about what they’re clicking on, which emails they open, and what content brings them to your website to further nurture these leads with future emails. Automated emails keep your brand in the customer’s mind and help them to move towards actually purchasing an item from you.

There are various different ways to automate emails for lead nurturing purposes. These include:

Drip Campaign

In a drip campaign, emails are sent out on a set schedule. It might be one email upon sign-up, another email two days later, one over the following weekend, and so on. A drip campaign ensures that potential customers don’t forget about you.

Welcome Series

A welcome series is a set of emails sent to new subscribers to welcome them to your website and bring them back. This might be three emails within three or four days, where the first welcomes the new subscriber, the second offers a discount code, and the third displays products for the new season. They help to rapidly convert a one-time visitor into a customer.

Cold Lead Nurturing

Every company has cold leads. These are subscribers who don’t seem to be interested in making a purchase. Cold lead nurturing with automated emails usually involves gradually sending emails which assume that the customer knows who you are and just keeps you in front of them so that if and when they are ready to buy, they choose you.

If you want to net more customers, you need to start nurturing leads. To learn more about how your business can utilize email marketing to nurture leads, give JEMSU a call.

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