Social Media Marketing Insights for Influencers

Social media marketing can be a hard thing to grasp, mostly because people think about it in entirely the wrong way.  There are simple ways to utilize social media networking effectively and efficiently and the benefits of this are considerable when compared with other forms of marketing. To start with, you have to identify what you want to be known for.

No one can be known for everything. If Jamie Oliver offered you cooking lessons, you might well be over the moon. If he wanted to teach you how to roller skate, you might not be. You can be the wine guy, or the money guy, or the home décor guy, or the history guy, but not the wine/money/home décor/ history guy. The more you narrow your field, the stronger your position becomes and the easier it becomes to deliver your message with social media marketing tools.  The less you have to know about, the more you will be expected to know about it. You can strengthen your niche and become well known in online circles fairly easily once your niche is identified. You want to be seen as an expert in your field, so you shouldn’t arbitrarily choose one you have no prior knowledge of. You always have to try to expand your knowledge of your subject matter.

3 Great Posts About Becoming a Social Media Influencer

The question of how to become a social media influencer deserves its own blog post. Just by focusing on one niche, one probably does not become an online influencer. Luckily enough the following articles discuss different aspects of this very topic and provide a great insight into this matter:

If You Have Not Done It Already: Start Blogging

Becoming well known as the expert in your niche is, as everything else described here, simple but hard. You simply have to build your reputation utilizing the fundamentals of social media marketing. There are various ways to do this, but no way to do it overnight. Blogging is, perhaps, the most obvious way. If you don’t already have a blog, you should get one. Make sure to use social media marketing to promote your blog. Whereas websites are essentially static web-pages that aren’t changed often, a blog should be updated often. In fact, if you are serious about building your online reputation, your blog must be updated often. A minimum would be about twice a week. Most successful blogs are updated at least three times a week. Just be careful not to be too keen with this as you don’t want to go the other way and over-saturate your audience with your presence.

One cannot speak about social media marketing without understanding the super powers of the world’s greatest social media marketers. The following beautiful Infographic by Feldman Creative provides a very detailed insight into the their capabilities:

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Lead a Continuous Conversation with Social Media Marketing

But to really build on this, everything you do needs to be continuous. You see big companies who decide to get a blog because getting a blog is what folk do now. But they haven’t thought it through and they don’t employ people who really understand how blogging works, so their blogs are updated on a six monthly basis. You won’t attract readers if every time they wander by, there are only old posts for them to read. The commenting, the reading other blogs, the building your reputation and growing your online community also has to be continuous. But it is not simply a case of building your blog and then sitting back until your audience comes to you. You have to entice them, you have to lead them to your blog.

Establish Your Presence on Social Networks

Build an online community by utilizing social media to its fullest applicable extent. Applicable is another great word. Should you use Twitter? Yes, absolutely, because Twitter is even more continuous social media tool than blogging. Tweets may be short, but it is something that is updated and discarded and so you can update it all the time. People get annoyed if you have more than a few Facebook posts every day, more than a few blog posts every week. But you can have several tweets every hour and no one bats an eye. But the applicable word needs to be thrown in here. Have you created a niche for yourself as an expert on handbags? Then you probably shouldn’t tweet about taking your dog to the vet to get de-wormed, unless you can link it to your niche. If you are the exercise guy for folk who have never exercised, then your dog may be a lot more applicable, because dogs need walked and walking is exercise.

Don’t Forget about Facebook Marketing

And what of Facebook marketing, as briefly mentioned above? You absolutely should have a Facebook page, because today it is the cornerstone of social media marketing . It one of the easiest and most useful ways to connect today. In fact, when single people meet and talk and decide to date, they usually exchange Facebook profiles instead of phone numbers. That is how crazy popular Facebook is. So how do you use Facebook to cement yourself as the expert in your field? Well, for a start, you need a Facebook page. And on your page you should post links to your blog and Twitter, and on your blog and Twitter should be links to each other and Facebook. And after that, it’s just a case of posting things that are pertinent and interesting and get people talking. Facebook is all about getting people talking, because when a “friend” comments on your status, your status becomes visible to their “friends,” increasing your audience far more widely and quickly than anything else you can do online.

Develop Great Content for Social Media

The only other thing you really need to concentrate on is your content marketing. Not only should your blog posts be well thought out and well written, your social media marketing posts should also be well written and well thought out. Too many people don’t think about what they are posting when they are posting on online social sites, but if you are trying to gain respect as the voice of authority in whatever your niche area is, you need to constantly be aware of what you are posting.

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