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Reward Based Marketing Techniques For Wedding Photographers 5 Wedding Event Packages To Draw In More Wedding Customers

Incentive Based Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers: 5 Wedding Packages to​ Attract More Wedding Clients
While professional photographers shoot many types of​ events,​ many are coming up with unique ideas and incentives to​ offer their wedding clients,​ which are giving them an​ edge over their competitors.

Photographers who are looking for ideas that compliment their current wedding offerings are turning to​ other wedding vendor’s professional photographer programs to​ market themselves in​ a​ whole new and very unique way.

In a​ recent survey conducted by Adesso Albums,​ the​ following five incentives were identified as​ the​ most successful incentive-based marketing strategies for attracting wedding clients and referrals:

Engagement Photo Sessions

Many photographers will add an​ engagement photo session of​ the​ couple to​ their wedding package .​
This is​ a​ great incentive for couples wanting to​ publish professional engagement photos in​ their local newspaper or​ later use their engagement photos in​ a​ showcase album at​ the​ wedding .​

Engagement Photos Showcased At Wedding

Engagement photos are showcased in​ an​ album that is​ later used at​ the​ wedding reception as​ a​ guest book .​
The photographer’s engagement photos of​ the​ couple are showcased in​ the​ album and guests then add their handwritten sentiments and warm wishes on​ the​ album pages – a​ keepsake that is​ a​ lasting reminder of​ the​ day (and the​ photographer).

Wedding Photo Website

A website that hosts the​ engagement and wedding photos is​ a​ wonderful way for the​ couple’s out-of-town guests who couldn’t make it​ to​ the​ wedding feel as​ if​ they were a​ part of​ it .​
It also gives the​ couple an​ opportunity to​ stay in​ touch with their guests with fun pictures of​ the​ wedding and wedding reception.

Custom Parent Albums

Creating a​ custom album for each set of​ parents can boost the​ currency of​ the​ new son or​ daughter in​ law in​ addition to​ making a​ very special and personal gift .​
The albums feature photographs that are meaningful to​ each set of​ parents in​ a​ beautifully bound and personally created coffee table album for them to​ enjoy for years to​ come.

Hi-Resolution CD

Having a​ high resolution CD of​ all their photos gives the​ couple the​ ability to​ have prints made long after their wedding day is​ over – for family gifts,​ to​ frame and send to​ friends as​ a​ reminder of​ that special day or​ even to​ get shots printed and framed for their new home.

Reduced Rates for Enlargements

This incentive is​ especially meaningful to​ couples with large families .​
With a​ reduced rate for print enlargements,​ the​ couple can provide their close family members with more than a​ few 4 x 6 wedding prints.



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