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Resources and marketing methods for your brand to reach teens

We all understand that teenagers are digital locals, but all the studies that we find there expose data that frets business, a minimum of the large number that browse the Web actively takes part with a brand name.

eMarketer approximates that by the end of 2011, 96% of US teenagers in between the ages of 12 and 17, they will use the Internet at least as soon as a month, a figure substantially higher than the penetration of 74% of the total US population.

Even the millennials do refrain from doing it, that is to say those that belong to the “Generation X” or the “Generation Y”, with which everyone asks the exact same concern. How can we make the teens take the digital area? To which we must add a brand-new one: how can we maximize digital media and socials media to reach them?

We can make the most of the so-called ” QR codes ” as an outstanding direct marketing tool! Depending upon the use we want to provide there are more particular tools such as Social QR Code that easily incorporate socials media. And because teens significantly use Smartphones as a way of interaction and leisure platform where online games and videos are ending up being significantly essential, brands can benefit from the opportunity to offer this type of material, having here a service to the issue of the brand name/ user interaction, since these devices enable us to use it.

The social Web throughout the next decade will be completely vital. Inning accordance with eMarketer quotes, more than four out of five teens utilize socials media, compared with 64% of all Web users. Almost three-quarters of teens use Facebook monthly this year, and more than 50% went to the site daily.

For this factor, social experiences are among the points to highlight to connect our brand with teenagers. Make interesting propositions in which you can draw in a wide variety of young people, such as performances or events , or at least capitalize when they are done to improve your brand name because place. Among the imaginative alternatives you can use is to discover a way to involve friends of theirs who are not online.

In close relationship with this we have the coupons and contests on Facebook. We currently understand that they increase our brand and in the case of teens they will be of fantastic help as they are not usually “likers” of brands, up until you offer them something in exchange for their “likes”.

While you can use other traditional marketing media, you must not leave aside Twitter or facebook. We have actually already commented a number of times on its significance and not being in these socials media will suggest, in a really short time, to stop having existence both online and offline.

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