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Ramadan Marketing Strategies : Making an impact with Digital Marketing – LMWS.asia – Malaysia

Ramadan starts this month and Muslims around the world will be taking part in ritual fasting and abstaining for 30 days. The date on which Ramadan starts changes each year. It is figured out by the first verified sighting of the new moon– however there is typically debate about when it begins, with different countries observing it on different days. In Malaysia and in most of the countries in Southeast Asia, Ramadan 2018 begins on 15 May and finishes on 14 June.

How is Ramadan observed?

Fasting is the most widely known and fundamental part of the month. Muslims are not enabled to eat in between sunrise and sundown to assist teach “self-discipline, self-restraint and kindness”. It is common to have one meal, the suhoor, right before dawn and another referred to as the iftar directly after sundown.

Ramadan may be focused on virtuous acts and religious events, however individuals are on their cellphones and gadgets more than ever. They are also more engaged and thrilled to engage with brand names that apply to the themes and sensations of the holy month. Ramadan and Digital Marketing Strategies Ramadan is the most significant time of the year. Taking advantage of this window of opportunity is not expedient; on the contrary it’s providing a service. Ramadan marketing strategies will help you prepare your digital marketing. Facebook use boosts by 5%, while the average user seeing duration on YouTube increases by 11% and comments rise an impressive 57%. This is probably due to the much shorter work hours, as well as a need for interruption while fasting.

There are particular times during Ramadan when online users look for material around faith and religious beliefs. A tune, a motion picture, even a quote can resonate strongly. This is a time of significance, and soul searching and your marketing has to appreciate this. Providing health club treatments and decadent days in the sun are not only unsuitable but might be considered as insensitive.

In 2017, Tesco came under fire for including Smokey Bacon flavoured crisps in a ramadan display, which caused controversy as consuming pork items is strictly prohibited within Islamic culture.

Contributing to the shame, this display was positioned directly under a banner promoting the celebration of Ramadan, which result in confusion and inflammation among consumers. Brand names might trigger substantial offense to their target market if they do not appreciate the cultural context they are incorporating into their marketing.

With online users are using social networks to pass the time up until Iftar, now is the time for brand names and businesses to re-think about their methods to engage and connect with individuals in Ramadan.

Digital Marketing Strategies in Ramadan

The worldwide islamic economy, consisting of halal food, modest style, islamic banking, halal media and more is anticipated to be worth trillions by 2021, growing at practically double the rate of the international around the world economy.
During Ramadan, around two-thirds of muslims prepare economically for the holiday period, and charitable contributions increase during this time by 500%.

1- Start Early

Brands and services should begin earlier with awareness and burst projects to secure access to coveted advertisement slots. This is a crucial step in the strategy to obtain ahead of the competitors in advance of the busy pre-Ramadan sales period.

2- Integrate and combine all methods
For bigger business who have the ability to pay for the boost in costs for TELEVISION and Radio advertisements during Ramadan, it is essential to keep in mind that integrating an offline project and consisting of digital components has actually been known to improve project results nearly ten-fold.

Engagement rises during the holy month significantly, with a bulk being organic. An online project during this time might be more cost-efficient than in any other time. While TV spots increase in quantity and expense, YouTube’s cost metrics “preserved the exact same cost-per-view and view-through rates on YouTube as they carried out in other months.” (Google)

Putting teasers and even the complete ad on YouTube can assist increase brand name exposure and awareness due to a big boost in the social media platform’s use during the month, viewers enjoying longer material and actively engaging more typically. Facebook is likewise a popular location to post teasers and sponsored videos, with the social giant supplying an 8% boost in reach for campaigns utilizing both Facebook and TV.

3- Keep up momentum

The purchase rate increases greatly in the week before Ramadan as consumers get ready for a month of fasting and family time, and likewise throughout the 2nd week of Ramadan as consumers put purchases that will arrive in time for the event at the end of Ramadan.

These are the optimal timespan to make the most of your marketing in reaching top rankings and the big numbers of audiences acquired in the weeks prior to Ramadan. Running sustainable, ongoing campaigns, in which users are targeted with specials and discount rates, will boost engagement and therefore sales.

4- Connect with Ramadan
Produce Ramadan-specific material. Ramadan includes its own themes and rules, and there is a factor why many business do not deviate and ignore them. During Ramadan, it is essential to discover at least one style that can be associated with your brand. Whether it be charity, family, faith or proper home entertainment, brand names can increase their brand equity by merely focusing on among themes.

It is likewise crucial to keep in mind that many brands turn towards a more conversational tone throughout this time. People love to engage with the individuals behind the brand name, and customizing interactions throughout a month of increased engagement can enhance brand equity and strength for the remainder of the year.

5- Be Appropriate

Tailor your efforts during Ramadan with tailored, relevant promos such as discounts and cash-back offers targeted throughout peak purchase periods (the week before Ramadan starts and the week before it ends). It is likewise essential to make sure that campaigns are relevant to users’ Ramadan requires. Using sustainable campaigns to press products which are typically bought during the fasting month, such as spiritual clothes and electronic devices, is crucial to guaranteeing maximum engagement and purchase rates.

6- Inspire
The holy month of Ramadan is understood for its religious nature but likewise for its increased costs, charitable endeavors and household competitors.

According to Facebook, 57% of UAE users surveyed specified that their families contend to show off their design during the month. This includes clothes, presents provided and festive feasts. Facebook and Google both also note that in the month prior to Ramadan, searches and planning of large purchases such as clothing, automobiles and precious jewelry increase, making it an excellent time to release online ads to engage customers.

Discussions on mobile, through Facebook, happen 4.84 time mores than typical, 69% of people in the KSA surveyed by Facebook state they utilize Instagram to look for gift concepts and 70% of UAE surveyed specified Facebook.

Instagram’s inspiration factor jumps to peak levels during Ramadan, with individuals more most likely to discuss topics on Instagram than Facebook; topics such as fashion (7x more most likely) and recipe ideas (5x.) With customers looking for lavish gifts, high-end brands shine the most throughout the last couple of days of Ramadan.

With a boost in costs, and online use to look for present ideas for others and themselves, now is the ideal time to be motivating users with your products or services. Online search engine marketing and sponsored ads would supply brand names with an increased brand name reach and awareness, in addition to increased possibility of sale during this time. The very best time for these advertisements would be throughout the peak shopping and social media use times of 12am and 5 am.

The global Islamic economy continues to spread as the world’s fastest-growing significant religion, coaxing dining establishments and food & & drink business, travel and fashion business to approach the Holy Month with restored Ramadan marketing strategies. The most crucial thing to do is to have the marketing techniques for changes in behavior and be ready to adjust as required. This is the only method to have rockstar outcomes every time.

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