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Pinterest Marketing Techniques to Skyrocket Sales & Traffic

If you desire to tap into the seriously hot revenue potential with Pinterest, THIS is exactly what you require to check out:

Learn Pinterest Success Strategies Discover how POWERFUL social media is for getting traffic & making sales online(with evidence!). Plus some free resources & imaginative ideas you’ll ENJOY … even if you’re hesitant and resistant – like I was.

To the left is a screenshot of among my social media updates, shared earlier today, that is carrying out EXTREMELY well.

I require to backtrack and inform you how this all began, since you may feel the precise very same way I did.

It was a couple years ago, I don’t keep in mind the precise date – but I recognized I had to expand my social networks presence and get more constant with it.

I’ll reveal you HOW I found that too. It’s very cool!

I was hesitant, hesitant, and admittedly upset (lol). I’m an introvert … and the last thing I required was more to stay up to date with. Plus I don’t really UTILIZE social networks myself. I don’t read content streams, I ‘d never been on Pinterest or Instagram, etc.

. My preferred saying about that was: “I’m simply not pinterested.” Quick forward and my company has grown by leaps and bounds, my exposure and earnings potential is through the roofing, and my organisation is doing better than ever!

To give you a “taste” (I like a good pun! lol) that food promo you see above … led to 254 sales in the very first 72 hours alone. Update: the

sales have more than doubled because I composed this post!

I really was resistant at. To the point that I in fact outsourced it at. Then one day a light bulb went off … and I realized just how much loan I was NOT making and what does it cost? extremely targeted traffic I was absolutely losing out on.

And why – from individual choice, or lack of interest?! So I lastly (hesitantly, lol) decided to just DO IT, and at least see what occurred.

Reality: Now I’m in fact having FUN with it. The results

speak for themselves …

254 sales in 72 hours is nothing to sneeze at (unless you’re allergic to cake!), especially when it’s a real item that genuine people want and love:

I did NOT think that Instagram would “work” for me. You cannot use live links in your updates, for beginners. That alone held me back forever. As you can see in my example above, I have actually gotten over that and work around that. I use

the Free Pretty Link Plugin to create” shortlinks “for my Instagram audience.

I proved myself incorrect …

It truly doesn’t use up that a lot more time to simply repurpose your content throughout more platforms. Hello copy & & paste! DUH, lol. And yes: It truly DOES result in LOTS more traffic and sales. And it IS completely worth it! My company

would not be where it is today if I hadn’t gotten over my personal aversions. Truth: your viewpoint and choices don’t matter. You have to be where your market is … period.

I assured to inform you how I discovered where my market was hanging out online, and the best ways to easily get in front of more of them. And I mean EASILY! That was through Tagboard.com – which is a super cool complimentary resource that enables you to see social updates from across the web (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) all in one location.

Attempt it out: Tagboard.com Browse among your main keywords. It was Tagboard that made me conscious how HOT my subject was on Instagram, and that was the day I took it seriously – and grew my account to over 50,000 fans (free, simple & & super fast).

Now things are beginning to get Pinteresting

I did get more active on Pinterest also. Undoubtedly, I am really lazy about it. I did include a “Pin It” button on my blog site, and I do “pin my posts” after I publish them, however that has to do with it. And I had never even logged on to Pinterest myself (since I outsourced the preliminary setup)… up until just recently.

Guess exactly what? I have over 13,000 followers there. Ha! I had

NO idea. THAT got my attention, for sure!

That plus the fact that my consulting customers are eliminating it with Pinterest in regards to traffic & & sales, so yes – I took a major interest.

Among my male training clients was just recently STUNNED at how popular his niche topic was on Pinterest. I was too, in all honesty. Yes, MEN utilize Pinterest too. It’s like Instagram – it’s very hot and sending lots of traffic, and a crazy simple method to obtain traffic & & exposure.

If your market is on Pinterest, you require to exist too!

Just as all of this was unfolding, Jennifer Ledbetter (aka “Casserole Lady”) launched a MEGA training course on Pinterest Marketing called Pinterest Success Techniques.

Knowing how FANTASTIC my results have been on Instagram (and Twitter, and Facebook, and even Tumblr!) I was ALL OVER THAT. I didn’t even check out the sales copy (due to the fact that I understand Jennifer, and knew it would be excellent). I also printed it out, because I study best that way:

Learn Pinterest

This is seriously extensive training! Though, you require a little proof -so your own light bulb goes off. Is YOUR Market on Pinterest? Learn Real Quick! Here’s How … Go to Pinterest

and browse your primary keyword, or any word relevant to your specific niche or business. And check out these random examples too:< a href=" https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=survival"target="_ blank"> survival or wordpress or yard. Also inspect out the results for

home loan on Pinterest. Wow-ideal?!(check out the numbers on those, and the

tabs across the throughout for even more ideas) Cool? I wager you saw some unexpected outcomes! The

thing is, there’s a” method”to Pinterest-and

I just do not have time to do the trial & error and testing on it. Besides, Jennifer has actually already done all of that AND recorded it … in a simple to follow detailed guide. Bingo! Check it out on your own:< a href= "http://www.clicknewz.com/pinterest-success-strategy"target="

_ blank “> Read up on Jennifer’s Pinterest Success Strategies On that page you can see how she broke TWO MILLION pageviews in ONE day, then 3 million-and growing-without any extra work. Plus tons more. I * did

* return and check out the sales page( at the link above)later on … and was much more thrilled about the course, lol. You’ll likewise discover a free download on her page, so at the minimum get that. It’s”8 FATAL Pinterest Mistakes-and

Ways to Fix Them”(totally free). In Jennifer’s own words:”This ain’t no little$7 ebook– this is a massive, in-depth training resource that took me a huge quantity of time to discover, test, and put together for you.” If you wish to

ROCK Pinterest, THIS is exactly what you require.

Get Pinterest Success Strategies I hope you delighted in the free resources & insights, and that my story inspiredyou to carry on this stuff quicker than I did -since the RESULTS

are completely worth it. Best, p.s. Jennifer’s Pinterest training course is $97, and you might ask yourself: Is this worth$100? ALL DAY LONG. Simply ask anyone that is rocking it on Pinterest. Just consider what over 250 sales in 72 hours-the FIRST 72 hours


-would deserve to you. Instead of investing money on paid advertisements (which would cost you way more than 48 bucks!), you might have a long term organic “earnings strategy “in location that consistently brings

in traffic & sales. Enjoy! Suggestion: Click this image and ponder it for a 2nd: Notice how WELL product-based Pins are doing?! Right … Get Pinterest Success Techniques

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