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PETERSON TEIXEIRA The Exceptionally Creative Marketing Techniques

May 2016

The Incredibly Creative Marketing Strategies That Will Make Your Brand Grow Faster

If you are a business owner or a newborn entrepreneur then you probably have asked yourself at least once WHICH marketing strategies can grow your business faster and give it a powerful upgrade. We all want to know that. After all, what really works? What causes IMPACT on people? And which are the best ways to build brand awareness in a very short amount of time?

Do all those questions have answers?
Can you implement “divine-marketing” strategies that can completely change the way people view your brand, making your competitors look like amateurs, like if they were all a bunch of kids in business?

Yes. You surely can friend.
So let’s talk about that kind of marketing.
The kind of marketing that makes people ask about your brand with INTENSE curiosity to other people, the kind of marketing that generates rumors, Friday night conversations, comments of every kind, both online and offline. And the kind of marketing that makes people buy from you due to your original, creative approach while you make them completely forget the competition.

Because incredibly creative marketing is not impossible to achieve.
So here we go

Have you got hit once in your life by some great, very creative marketing campaign without expecting it or never hearing about the product or the brand before? This is exactly what this approach does: It strongly presents your brand using a giveaway as a gateway to the prospect’s heart. A nice, warm and very effective marketing blow.

This is how it works.
The process to implement the predator’s giveaway strategy is actually very simple:

  • MONITOR: You MONITOR every spot of the town that has your target audience in it so you can know when new prospects arrive at your marketing range. But how to do this monitoring? Simple. By keeping constant contact with real estate brokers to have them feed you the places that were recently rented, both on business buildings (B2B) and residential areas (B2C). That way, when something was rented you already know there must be an NEW prospect there which you can approach.
  • GIVEAWAY: Once a new prospect arrives and becomes part of the place you were monitoring, you immediately send him one of your products as a FREE GIFT with an introduction note explaining why the gift is being given to him (I’ll show you an example).
  • WAITING: Then, you just wait for the prospect to come have a word with you or buy from you after you caused that level of powerful marketing impact.

But let me open your mind about this for a second.
Picture a common business model like a Pizzeria or some other food-related business giving away their BEST product for a few people who have just arrived in town. Picture this happening. And put yourself into those people shoes, visualizing the FREE food service arriving at your place without you even asking for it.



How awesome would it be to get this juicy, huge and full of cheese pizza without even asking for it? Can you imagine how CURIOUS you would be about the pizzeria and how HAPPY you would instantly become?

Just awesome.
But then you come to me and say:
“But honest people will find it weird and they will treat it as a mistake if you just send them a free gift like that Peterson. They will at least engage in some sort of discussion to whoever is delivering that pizza.”

Yes, you’re right.
That’s why you should send the note I mentioned before, with something like the following content I’m showing below written on it:

Everybody loves free gifts of REAL value. Everybody.
But….I see in your eyes from here that you still don’t trust me, do you? Alright. No worries. I respect that. After all, who gives free gifts to people expecting it to become a marketing explosion?

Well, watch this video below and make up your own mind about how people receive free stuff:


That’s powerful marketing my friend.
By the way, how many views did that got?
Up until now: 23.792.519 Views.

“But Peterson what about the money part? I’ll spend too much money!”.
You are being too negative here. Because the amount of money spent will not only count for brand awareness, but for word of mouth as well.

So if you are assuming that by sending people free gifts like that, will get you nothing in return, then rewrite that line of thought and think again. Seriously.

Because there’s something called The Rule of Reciprocation which was introduced by Robert Cialdini in the book called The Psychology of Persuasion.
Basically, the Reciprocity rule states this:

The Rule of Reciprocation is a universal tendency in human beings to feel compelled to repay or reciprocate when given a gift whether it has come in the form of a material object, a kind deed, or an act of generosity. There is a strong impulse in people from all cultures to repay gifts or favors with a gift of our own to them. This impulse expresses itself in reciprocation to invitations to parties, Christmas cards, birthday presents, or acts of kindness.

So think for a moment here. Erase all negativism from your mind first, and think.
How much money have you already spent on PPC campaigns and other marketing channels?
How did that turn out for you? How much Word of Mouth that generated for your business?

Or almost nothing.

That’s why pushing new marketing buttons like this one can make your company take off faster. Because the impact of some ads….will DEFINITELY LOSE to a powerful act of kindness such as this presented to you here. Just imagine how YOU would respond to that and you’ll realize this fact yourself. You can even try this with 20 different people and check their reactions, just so you can be sure of how people actually work. Besides, the originality factor will definitely earn you some points with people. Definitely.

PS: And by the way, part of this strategy I learned on the book Cashvertising, a famous resource for those who love psychology-based Marketing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the Marketing world.

OK, now let’s continue.

Haven’t you heard that UNION is what makes us stronger? In Marketing, this is no different. The more quality partners you have working together with you, promoting your products like if it were their own products, the better. But it has to be done right, of course. But once you dive into a powerful partnership with another respectful brand that can truly leverage your company’s name, a great growth opportunity is born.

But don’t assume this strategy is just about ordinary “Partnerships”.
No. Fusion Marketing has a little more depth than a simple partnership.
Here’s the deal:

  • PARTNERSHIP: First, you must find another brand that can give you truly rapid, explosive growth and vice-versa. You must find some brand you can actually help and that can also help you at the same time. Both not help you in the brand awareness field, but help each other’s customers. Then, after finding that brand, form a well-structured partnership with them. This is a key step because if you do it with the wrong company right from the start, you’ll only lose time and money and your customers will lower their expectations on your products/services. The goal is to seek companies that have an audience which never heard of your business before (B2C) OR those companies that may use your product themselves and recommend it to other companies (B2B). That way you can see faster growth because you’re using a trustable channel to tackle new prospects. And once again I tell you to aim for targeted marketing, not for brand awareness here as much as possible. For example, assuming you sell sports shoes then a good partnership would be with some other company that sells sports clothes because the products are complementary, which will, therefore, help your customers. That’s just an example of a good partnership.
  • PROMOTE: The next logical step after finding the right company, is to promote each other’s services/products naturally, integrating your partner’s solution as part of your showroom whenever possible. Obviously, both sides must do this. That way, you expose each other’s products to a new audience naturally, making people see they can get a complementary product without having to go anywhere else to buy it. And since the customer already trusts your brand, it will be easier for him to buy your partner’s products. So focus on the customer’s needs, make it a VERY good deal by integrating yours and your partner’s solutions, and rapid growth will come. Guaranteed.
  • BONDS: You must build a relationship with your partner to convey trust for customers. That’s not a should, but a MUST. The agenda of both companies MUST merge once in a while so customers can see they’re buying from a solid partnership because people need guarantees that what they are buying right now, will last for ages because if it doesn’t last, they can demand their rights like getting their money back, ask for additional information on the product etc. So make your brands closer whenever possible. Make events together like webinars and conferences and do some promotions as well so people can see both brands as highly trustable. Remember: people are not stupid. They know that you’re doing a partnership solely on the purpose of boosting sales, which means they instantly assume you are only thinking of making more money, which in the end, states that you’re only thinking about yourself. So if you change that idea in their heads by selling the concept of a “Friendly and Permanent Partnership” to them, customers will feel SAFE and buy from you. The reason behind this is because they’ll realize that your partnership was to benefit THEM and bring more value to THEIR lives, instead of feeding your own selfish pocket. They’ll assume that your partnership was made to last, and therefore, it will remove any buying insecurities/objections they might have. Stores that sell supplements, for example, need to understand that its audience usually strictly follows some sort of diet, so a buying decision for that audience is TOTALLY different because it involves the discipline of consuming that product for a while. But if the product isn’t at the store next month because the partnership is weak and simply vanished, then why should they bother to buy it and change patterns? Why change their diet if this was just a “test to make money”? And that’s just one example. So remember that a lack of warranty is A STRONG buying insecurity for customers because if they don’t know how much time that partnership will last, they’ll likely flee. So build a solid, friendly partnership to convey trust. Act like if you were one brand.

OK? Now here’s one more point to remember: There is NO competition in Fusion Marketing.
None. The desire for each other’s growth must be absolute. Always.

Any doubts? Yes? No? Good. I can see you are very smart.
Next strategy.

If you pay attention to businesses in general, their products and services, it is all about ONE single key thing: HELP! It’s all about help. Every type of business is about help. Think about it.

You buy a service because it HELPS you getting stuff done in a more efficient way.
You buy a product because it can HELP you live experiences and make your life better.
Or it can all be that stuff combined, doesn’t really matter.

Alright, but where is the marketing strategy in this?
Easy. The principle of support marketing is this:

The Support Marketing involves helping people OR other businesses in their goals without charging for it. You just expose a business card, a logo or something else that identifies your company to those who are seeing the promotional piece, which is usually the customer. The goal is to make people realize that your brand is there just for providing HELP and is clearly not there to make money, which will force people to be curious about your brand and bring the Law of Reciprocity upon your partner’s head at the same time.

The process is very simple and it goes like this:

  • SELECTION: Select who you want to help and ask if you can offer help (there are some proud companies out there). This is where you search for that special company you want to help, by offering part of your own time to make it grow faster.
  • ASSISTANCE: Give thoughtful and meaningful assistance to your chosen company. Embrace their “knowledge-gaps” and do some coaching or consulting within your area of expertise. Of course, you can’t WORK for FREE but you can deliver a great deal of help so you can change the game for the company significantly.
  • THE SMALL NOTE: Append to the company’s product that will be delivered to their customer a nice and shiny “Thank You” note from THEIR BRAND to your brand (which I’ll give you an example next). This note will make the customer see your brand as a helper, as an adjacent player, a business partner of the company he is buying from right from the start. And since you’re “guilty” of part of his awesome buying experience, the customer will want to know more about your brand naturally. Most customers usually will be curious if your note/card draws attention due to its good design and other marketing aspects, of course. This will give you a stronger brand awareness because you’re playing with the customer’s curiosity here, which is a powerful thing to explore.

The example of a Thank you note (this should be sent by the company you choose to help):

“Greetings Mr. Customer ?

The restaurant you love so much has to make 2 “Thank You’s”.
One is for you, our everyday friend who loves our professional cooking.
And the other is the owner of 80% of our recipes which made possible for us to become
the successful brand that you are now seeing today.

That owner’s name is the House of Recipes.
A 60-year-old brand that has served more than 770 restaurants around the world.
So just in case you might want to cook something different indoors, here’s their site: www.houseofrecipes.com

PS: We like to thank those who have helped us succeed while at the same time, we give additional tips to our customers ?

The Awesome Restaurant
+115 905 1245 9090″

Now, THAT can put your brand in a whole new perspective especially because it is not a “WOO HOO LOOK AT ME!” approach. So if you partner up with the right companies, if you write the right words and send the right “Thank you note card” with a very nice design, you can start gaining a lot more brand awareness than if you were investing $5000 per month on Google Adwords.


People CONNECT much faster with those brands that know how to communicate with them and intrigue them at the same time. And if a solid company that sells lots of orders was truly helped by your consulting, then don’t charge them. Prefer to charge in brand awareness. It’s way better and much more effective. You’ll get much more benefits and you’ll enhance the customer’s experience of all your partners making them happy too.

But a warning, though: watch out so things don’t backfire.
A simple example of ruining this would be to put my Marketing Business Card attached to a pizza that I helped (1st strategy), telling the customer behind the scenes that the free pizza that was given, was all a strategic marketing move, instead of a company’s act of kindness.

“Yeah, but as you said before, people are not stupid Peterson”.
(why you’re always picking on me dammit?!)

Yes, of course, people aren’t stupid. Many will realize this was well-done marketing, but you shouldn’t help them realize either. So pay attention to how you’re using this strategy, study your partner’s target audience because certain niches WILL make this backfire if you don’t take notes. But with the right approach to the right people, this can surely maximize your results.



Now the next marketing move.

Now this is VERY controversial and I only encourage you to try it if you have power over your money without anyone bothering you (like myself). It can really work if you apply it correctly.

Ok, here we go!
The idea behind money marketing is very simple actually, and it has these steps:

1. Figure out how much money you spend on PPC and other marketing channels.
2. Take the result you got from step 1, and cut it by half
3. Next, draw that amount of money and exchange it into $5 bills (or higher).
4. Then, print a few business cards with your logo, your site’s name and the following question:

Why did I got this?
Enter here to find out: www.website.com/landingpage

5. And finally, go out to capture your leads

OK! Now you are READY!!!
“WAIT! But…….ready for WHAT Peterson?!?!”
For doing money marketing!

Let’s start with a practical example.
Suppose you have an online store that sells clothes for teenagers and you want to do some prospecting. Ok, what do you usually do? Go to Google AdWords and invest $500 in ads or maybe on influencers? Well, not today. Forget this for a moment and withdraw $250 in $5 bills — which results in 50 bills — and go straight to the mall.

“But what the HELL are you going to do at the mall?!”
Simple, you’ll do this:

  • 1. Hire hot women to stop teenagers without saying a word (just with gestures)
  • 2. Make them give your company’s business card
  • 3. Make them a $5 bill attached to it
  • 4. Tell them to leave without saying a word

Naturally, This WILL give you at least one of these two results:

  • 1. Teenagers will be FREAKING CURIOUS about your site
  • 2. Teenagers will ignore this and throw your busines card away

But the reality is that the second option is extremely hard to happen nowadays, especially with a hard fact like “1 in 5 millennials access the Internet exclusively through mobile devices“. So if they do it for almost no reason (like checking Facebook updates) then imagine if you give them THAT DOSE of curiosity to deal with it.

They’ll be curious. They’ll be scratching their heads wondering what your website is all about.
And they probably WILL access it, especially if your website’s name doesn’t tell much what your business is about, like mine for instance, which is just my name. For those who are a personal brand, this is even more powerful.

But the best part is this:


Word of Mouth Marketing, my friend.
People will say: “Hey! Today at the mall a girl gave me a business card with a $5 BILL attached to it (imagine if you give $50 bills)! The card only had a website name, a logo and nothing else. I entered that website and it turns out it’s an awesome store that sells teenager-only clothes that you gotta check it out!”


People will say: “Dude! A stupid hot girl gave me a $5 bill at the mall today with a crap business card that had no info on it! I threw the card away and I gained 5 bucks haha”

Either way, people will talk about your brand.
You will spend a few bucks and make 50 people market your brand in a short amount of time. Besides, if you use the right design, the right landing page, and other marketing factors, the amount of people and marketers commenting your marketing action will multiply really fast too.

And you’ll get some link shares and lots of social media comments, for sure. Unless, of course, your hired girls approached only 80-year-old women. So keep in mind that people will talk. Either because they will want to mock you to their friends OR because they will think that your products and services actually worth sharing.

But again….it doesn’t really matter.
Because people will keep talking about your brand for a while and if they are the right prospects, you’ll turn them into customers and that memory will never leave their minds.

Try it. Have fun

Marketing is not an exact science, but you can predict some moves and enter into people’s minds if you know enough psychology and social behavior. The next move after you dominated the basics on human beings, is to implement your own innovative ideas like those I presented above and see what happens because as I said, Marketing is not an exact science.

Marketing deals with all sorts of complex variables such as personalities, cultures, mindsets etc. The hard fact is that the world is a mess, a true playground for marketers, and SOMETIMES we can structure a Marketing strategy and put it into a nutshell and make it work 80% of the time, but everything about Marketing will ALWAYS rely on how people behave, and on how they work and since every person is different, this law of exploring creativity will never change.

This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to explore and put into practice YOUR MINDSET and YOUR IDEAS. Because you can’t always predict people no matter what marketing strategy you’re using. You can say that is MORE LIKELY for them to take action by using a certain strategy, but premonition is definitely out of the Marketing realm.

Push new boundaries. Try new marketing strategies. And try great ideas.
Because the greatest names of Marketing (like Seth Godin) exist today exactly because of that.
They attempted something entirely new and didn’t care about what others were saying.

I presented to you a few options, but now you can give birth to new kinds of marketing yourself.
Just trust your instincts and use your creativity. You don’t have them by chance, my friend.

And remember to always think outside the box ?
Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I’ll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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