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Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

     Have you noticed, online marketing has exploded in the past few years.
With the down turn of world economic systems, tens of thousands everyday are turning to the internet in hopes of providing additional income for their homes.
     As more internet based businesses begin, the need to develop and refine your marketing skills and knowledge is essential.
     But, with more and more marketing strategies being developed where do you start?
The answer is simple!
And, the beginning of all successful Network Marketing strategies is Opt-In Email Marketing.
Or, what is better known as Permission Based Marketing!

 Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

     Permission Based Marketing requires a willing visitor to request more of your content.

     The more subscribers on your “list”, the more chances there is to encourage sales.
To do this, you must build a list of ONLY those who request additional material from you!
This content usually takes the form of newsletters, catalogs and promotional mailing via e-mail.
     By using Permission Based Marketing, your list is made up of highly targeted individuals. They already have shown an interest in more of your content. And, sales will not be hard.
     Building your list in this manner will be easy!

     Once you have put together your free report and posted it on your blog, you can begin collecting names and addresses of interested individuals. And, with a bit of patience and implementing the strategies you learn here in the 10 Day Email Course, you will Become a List Building Monster!

Four Permission Based Marketing Strategies For Beginners

     There are many sources and articles on the internet available for you to read and follow to build your list. So many in fact, I can promise you, you WILL suffer from information overload!
But, no matter how diverse the methods are you should remember, there are only a handful of CRUCIAL things you need to know when building your list.
    When advertising a free report or offer you will need an opt-in form to gather contact information. A good web form for your opt-in list is not hard to make. Just write a simple, short statement about WHY someone would want more information on that topic.

Contact Information

  The individual who is opting in to your offer will be expecting to hear from you.  They are providing their contact information in exchange for more value from you.
     On your opt in forms, you should ask for:
  • The person’s name;
  • An email address;
  • And, VERY IMPORTANT – you should add a field labeled:
    • If you would like to receive a FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call Please Provide a Number! 
This last point is crucial!
     My Opt-in rate increased over 30% after I started added this field.
Someone found your content while searching for a solution to a problem.  They are struggling.  They need help.  And, they will be relieved you are willing to reach out to them.
After they provide their contact information, the information will automatically be sent to your autoresponder.
As more people sign up, your list will grow.
     For a short video training on adding a Web Form to your blog

 TAKE GREAT CARE to Make Your Free Report or Offer the Absolute BEST It Can Be!

     Your offer should entice your visitors to subscribe to gain more useful information for what they were searching for.
Fail to do this, and you may never see them again!
     Once a visitor gives you their contact information, this will be their second exposure to your content. If the report or offer meets their expectation, when they receive a follow-up email, they will be excited you contacted them!
     Their initial exposure to your free offer will be the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF FUTURE OPEN RATES when they see your name!
     As mentioned in the tip above, make your offer VERY, VERY impressive!
  • It will need to be well written;
  • Keep in mind, your visitors have found your blog post usually from searching a particular topic. Therefore, it is imperative you keep your offer and future correspondence congruent with your blog post theme by creating a list for each offer. 
     Growing a permission based email list is the secret sauce of the gurus.  If you do not have an impressive free offer for your visitors to opt into, you are loosing out BIG!

To learn how you can get DOZENS of free offers to use as Lead Magnets CLICK HERE


Remember also, each email in your series must have a distinct purpose. And, each subsequent email has to move the potential customer deeper into your sales funnel.

     Your overall goal should be to fix in your subscribers minds EXCITEMENT when they see an email from you.  Over time, they have learned to associate your emails with value building trust in YOUR CONTENT!
     As this trust grows, they will want to purchase a product when you recommend it.
     Establishing a relationship with your new subscriber.so they trust your recommendations, purchase your products or hire you for a service such as coaching.
Your Friend and Mentor

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