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Patience leads to success

Who ever said that “Perseverance is a virtue” would not have made it through in the fast paced world of today. Today’s world relocations lightning quickly and we are constantly bombarded with info that we have to react to, react to, and post on Social network.

I am by nature not a client individual and a lot of folks I know are also not patient people. We live in a world of pleasure principle and perseverance seems extremely counter intuitive.

Years ago, I operated in customer service for a business that sold collectable souvenirs. I took a call from a customer and I barely got a “good even …” out when he began yelling and shrieking and utilizing some vibrant language. I patiently listened and when he stopped, I asked what the problem was. Through his entire tirade he had not actually informed me what the reason for his call was, simply exactly what a bad company we were. I waited for him to describe. Ends up he got the product he bought harmed and wanted a replacement. Once he finished, I said sorry for the damaged product and informed him we would deliver another out first thing in the early morning. He thanked me for my professionalism and could not think it was that easy! He even asked to speak with my supervisor to tell him exactly what a fantastic job I did.

Given his initial attitude and abuse I might have hung up, as that was the company policy. We were not needed to tolerate poor or violent language. Once I comprehended the scenario and provided him a solution, he cooled down. If he had actually still continued to be violent in his action to me, I would have hung up. By using persistence, I had the ability to survive his rantings and fix his problem.

Being patient is not simple, it has actually taken me time and practice to find out and yet I still fail. Suffering particular situations has actually provided me the chance to think about alternatives and make better choices. Persistence has thought me to stay the course. If I did not have patience and perseverance, I may have stopped too early. I have actually learned to be patient and have seen the favorable results.

“One moment of perseverance might fend off terrific catastrophe. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.”— Chinese saying

Have a terrific weekend.


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