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Online marketers set their sights on VR and voice for 2018 sales and marketing strategies

As we enter the final stretch of 2017, numerous marketing supervisors and decision makers will be beginning to get ready for next year.

A constant theme of modern-day marketing is the breakneck pace of technological change. Every year sees innovations in the method that consumers connect with brand names and in the approaches that business can utilize to reach out to their audiences.

2017 has actually been no various, with a host of new technologies breaking into the mainstream. What will UK online marketers be intending to include into 2018’s sales and marketing techniques? Digital content company Purch asked 100 marketing supervisors in a bid to find out.

Putting innovation at the heart of method

Livestreaming came out on top, with 74% of respondents stating that they were planning to start livestreaming, or will continue to do so, in 2018.

AR/VR also featured heavily on marketers’ wish lists, with 72% stating that there planning to use the technology as part of next years projects. This is a significant increase, as just 10% of participants stating that they currently utilize VR or AR in their current campaigns.

42% of online marketers are establishing voice user interfaces and that this will be a crucial part of their marketing roadmap for the coming year. 18% of those surveyed have no immediate plans to integrate a voice interface into their method while 8% had actually currently initiated a voice element into their operations.

“As new technologies multiply ever faster into customer buying routines, we desired to gain a sense of how rapidly UK marketing supervisors were using up their implementation and, most importantly, which technologies they were wagering on to get in mainstream buying practices fastest,” Andrea Baden-Semper, VP of Purch EMEA, said.

“We were extremely satisfied with the level of uptake for virtual and increased reality, in addition to live streaming and voice user interfaces. 2018 guarantees to be a year of considerable change in the way marketers are approaching their customers.”

The one bit of highly touted tech that appeared to be dividing online marketers is blockchain. 19% of respondents did unknown exactly what dispersed ledger technology was, while just 10% were actively preparing to utilize the innovation.

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