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Mobile Marketing Strategies: Using SMS and MMS Together — Assured SEO

Before we dive into strategies, let’s first define the distinction in between SMS and MMS messaging.

SMS (Short Message Service) is basically a 160-character text message that may consist of links whereas MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) enables you to send out a message with abundant media material, consisting of animated gifs and brief video or audio files– and it has actually an increased limit of 1,000 characters. SMS messages cost less to send however MMS messages have a greater engagement rate with a 15% average click-through rate and 20% more project opt-ins than SMS.

Due to the fact that almost all devices support both SMS and MMS messages, you do not require to choose one over the other. An excellent mobile marketing technique can consist of a combination of the two.

Mobile marketing has a higher potential to increase engagement and income due to that it is delivered directly to your consumer’s most personal gadget provides brand-new opportunities for online marketers.

You can use it to re-engage e-mail subscribers who have actually ended up being disengaged with message– or, you can reward your most faithful customers with special deals.
Not persuaded? Consider it this method, practically everybody has their phone within reach all the time. While most of our mobile time is spent in social media networks, Informate reported that the average American smart device user goes through 32 texts and 6 telephone call daily, representing an overall of 26 minutes and 21 minutes, respectively. An even better look by eMarketer shows we spend 22% of our time texting compared with 10% of our time interacting with email on mobile devices.

Message Techniques
SMS messages are great for projects like text-to-join keyword acquisition. The user sends out a keyword to the brand name’s brief code number to opt-in to the program. Normally, the introduction messages include a double opt-in (reply Y to validate entry) or a demand for additional details (reply with your e-mail to register), plus the required compliance language.

SMS messages also work well for set off, transactional messages. Send out short messages that your clients want the most– info about their current order, consultation pointers, account updates, and so on

. Usage MMS Messages to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Treat your devoted clients well and provide a reason to remain on the list. It’s finest practice to provide prompt, relevant SMS or MMS messaging that stimulates an immediate action. Pair images with an actionable message with a link in it to not just track activity, however to give consumers immediate access.
Send out a preview of new arrivalsDrive in-store sales with discount coupons Invite subscribers to in-store eventsGive early access to salesSend an unique birthday or anniversary message

ContentEven though you have 1,000 characters to deal with, it’s important to think of how receivers will engage with the messages. Test various message lengths to see what works best for your audience. Provide enough details to lure a click-through to your website, however do not supply excessive text that overwhelms your audience and triggers them to close instead of click. Also, keep your CTA near the top of the material– don’t bury it at the bottom.

Every mobile messaging company manages images in a different way. It’s important to note that iPhone designs 5s and 6 open static images in sneak peek mode, which includes a top and bottom navigation bar that covers part of the image. Since of this, prevent putting material in the leading 129 or bottom 89 pixels. Here are some additional finest practices to assist ensure your images look terrific on every gadget.
Prevent openness as it will appear black on some gadgets Fixed image files should be in.JPG format and must not surpass 500 KbImage size must be 640 x 1,138 with an aspect ratio of 9:16 Animated images must be in.gif format and have a frame speed no faster than one every half second– file size ought to not go beyond 600 KbAnimated image size suggestions:480 x 480 480 x 640 480 x 720 640 x 640
SMS & & MMS Short Code Provisioning
In the provisioning process, you’re protecting approvals from the wireless providers to send out and receive mobile messages to your short code. If you wish to send out both SMS and MMS messages, it is necessary to note that you need to be provisioned for both.

About Listrak’s Mobile Marketing Solution
MMS is now offered in Listrak’s Mobile Marketing platform. Send out images, gifs or longer text (1,000 characters plus an image) to include a fun and appealing layer to your mobile marketing campaigns.

With Listrak’s Mobile Marketing platform, you can segment specific target market to develop extremely customized messages while coordinating SMS with your e-mail, paid social and other channels. Best of all, due to the fact that you are sending out to a targeted list, your carrier CPM rates will be much lower. You’ll invest less while driving a lot more earnings.

Exactly what’s more, we’re here to help you through the whole procedure– from provisioning to navigating compliance rules to determining ROI and offering project recommendations.

Collette Lazor
Listrak Product Marketing Manager



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