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Marketing Techniques 7 Easy Steps To More Customers In 90 Days

Marketing Strategies Seven Simple Steps to​ More Clients in​ 90 Days
In my work as​ a​ business coach I ​ meet with people every day who have dreams of​ creating success in​ their business. Sadly,​ most of​ them are saying the​ same thing,​ I ​ hate marketing,​ I ​ just want to​ do what I’m good at​ without having to​ market myself. the​ truth about getting more clients is​ that it’s not that difficult,​ it​ just requires following some simple steps.
• FOCUS How do you​ get to​ where you​ want to​ be unless you​ know where you​ are going? I ​ always teach my clients a​ visualization in​ which they imagine where they want to​ be professionally in​ 1 year from today. How much money do you​ want to​ be earning? How many hours a​ week do you​ want to​ work? What kind of​ clients do you​ want to​ work with?
• STRATEGIES Once you’re clear about where you​ want to​ be,​ you​ need to​ create strategies to​ get there. I ​ tell people,​ if​ you​ already knew what strategies to​ use,​ you’d probably already be there. Strategies help you​ to​ chunk big visions into tangible,​ bite size action steps
• ACCOUNTABILITY How accountable are you​ to​ yourself? Most people I ​ meet in​ business for themselves,​ find it​ far too easy to​ slide in​ keeping their agreements with themselves. the​ magical thing about coaching is​ that when you​ have a​ witness to​ your accountability,​ you​ are much more likely to​ do what you​ said you’d do. Just knowing that someone cares and will ask you​ every week,​ How did that action step go?,​ is​ huge incentive to​ staying on​ track.
• DISCOVERY as​ a​ former psychologist,​ one of​ my passions is​ helping people discover how they block them themselves and get in​ their own way of​ success. What I ​ find is​ that everyone needs to​ reprogram some selflimiting beliefs,​ like I ​ don’t have what it​ takes to​ succeed or​ I ​ don’t deserve to​ have a​ lot of​ money. Another block is​ that most people suffer from subconscious sabotaging strategies,​ like procrastination . These need to​ be reversed. Finally ,​ everyone I’ve ever met has a​ monstrous ,​ overly developed inner critic,​ which I ​ call the​ Gremlin. in​ discovery you​ learn to​ identify the​ voice of​ you​ Gremlin and learn to​ tame it​ way down.
• PERSPECTIVE We all spin our wheels and get caught up in​ our narrow perspective. the​ best investment we can make in​ getting more clients is​ to​ have people around us that give us the​ option of​ another perspective
• SUPPORT if​ you​ are in​ business for yourself ,​ you​ need all the​ support you​ can get. as​ you​ put yourself out there to​ get more clients,​ you​ are assuming the​ responsibility of​ helping these clients. Who helps you? Who do you​ lean on? it​ is​ invaluable to​ have a​ support team or​ a​ committed ally in​ your corner.
• CELEBRATION How often do you​ celebrate yourself? as​ a​ coach who teaches people how to​ get more clients I ​ find that learning to​ celebrate not only your successes but also your efforts is​ the​ way to​ a​ long a​ healthy career. By learning to​ stop,​ pause and validate yourself for what you’ve done keeps this process light ,​ fun and exciting. Also,​ think of​ how impossible it​ is​ for your gremlin to​ beat you​ up,​ if​ you​ are busy celebrating yourself! it​ is​ one of​ of the​ joys of​ my work that I ​ get to​ help people truly celebrate themselves.



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