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Marketing Strategies for Residential Architects

Marketing Techniques for Residential Architects

Have you listened to my interview with co-founder of SALA Architects, Dale Mulfinger, FAIA over at EntreArchitect Podcast? It was a fantastic conversation about how SALA wased established and the journey to where Dale finds himself today as a principal at the firm, a teacher and an author of numerous books released by Taunton Press. If you haven’t yet paid attention to the episode, you can sign up for the podcast at iTunes or listen straight from the website here. I have actually been following Dale and his former SALA co-founder, Sarah Susanka, FAIA considering that Sarah released her very first book, The Not So Huge Home in 1998. Together, they developed the firm by”doing great”, freely sharing their understanding as domestic architects with the community around them and by partnering with similar principals to grow the firm, continuing the traditions of sharing started by Dale and Sarah.

After 35 years of successful practice, focused primarily on a one particular target market, Dale credits the sharing of understanding as the number one method to grow a domestic practice.

Here are 4 methods that SALA Architects has actually utilized to grow their property architecture company:


Dale shares in the podcast that a person of the ways he helped the firm grow early on was to compose for the regional paper. He approached the publisher and proposed a brand-new House of the Week series, where he contributed short articles, photography and contacts. The publisher agreed and the series was born. His management as a writer gave him credibility and exposure with the publisher in addition to with weekly readers … a few of whom ended up being customers.

Dale is likewise a regular contributor for Taunton Press, publisher of numerous magazines including Fine Homebuilding. He has actually composed lots of short articles and 5 books with the publisher, including his finest known publication, cabinology. Teach. In addition to mentor at the University of Minnesota, where Dale fulfilled Sarah as a college student, he has taught several classes at local neighborhood adult education programs. He shares his knowledge about architecture and how architects work.

The connections established throughout these multi-week courses build long-term relationships that flourish for the firm for several years and years.


My pal, Stacia Hood of Thrivable House and former relate to SALA Architects, shared with me that a person of the methods she was involved with at the company was attending regional home shows with Dale.

Bringing architecture to the people, at the particular areas where they might be seeking that understanding, is a tested technique that works for SALA Architects. Dale provides the firm’s work at a display cubicle and is available to respond to concerns about the process of designing and developing a custom house.


Following the publication of her first book, The Not So Big House, Sarah Susanka left SALA Architects to pursue sharing her knowledge full time. Today, she is a speaker, advocate and author of seven books. Sarah has influenced generations of property owners on the value of “building better, not larger.”

Dale speaks at local home shows, for professional companies and at service occasions. Making the mystical procedure of architecture easy to understand, not just assists the occupation, but develops relationships with future clients. People desire to deal with people they know, like and trust. Speaking is an excellent way to make all 3.

Concern: What are some ways you share your knowledge straight with your community?

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