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Marketers Transfer To Social Content as Legacy Marketing Techniques Fail to Deliver Return on Attention

New Study Demonstrates How Online Marketers Utilize Video to Produce ROA by Socializing Service Narratives Instead Of Broadcasting Them (Graphic: Company Wire)

  • New Study Demonstrates How Online Marketers Use Video to Produce ROA by Socializing Service Narratives Rather Than Broadcasting Them (Graphic: Business Wire)

December 14, 2017 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time MENLO PARK, Calif.–( SERVICES WIRE)– Marketers are significantly moving from broadcast marketing to social content to bring in customer attention in the melee of today’s media landscape. It’s a complex migration in both the medium and the message. In an attention economy, it’s inadequate to merely win attention. In order to produce results, companies must preserve and support tough won attention through authentic engagement and persistent media production. This requirement has generated a new marketing metric aptly created Return on Attention (ROA).

The magnitude of this shift is apparent in a new report by Magisto, which discovers that nearly half(46 percent)of marketers regard natural social engagement as the best evaluation of campaign efficacy, compared to a mere 28 percent who say they still depend upon marketing recall.

“Attention has ended up being the only genuine currency today and clients offering that attention expect genuine worth in exchange,” states Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. “The important subtlety is that it’s not simply a shift in the channel, however also in the voice, cadence and structure of communication. Today, the goal isn’t stamping out a company’s brand message however rather adding to the social story with the objective of ‘belonging.’ Modern marketers are using social content, and video in specific, as a way of becoming part of a 24/7 discussion.”

The heart of the report’s findings reveal how companies are using social video to scale authenticity, offer worth, and deliver ROA.

“Social is no longer a channel however rather the definition these days’s media. It’s a mode of socializing through the creation and sharing of massive quantities of content,” stated Reid Genauer, CMO at Magisto. “The ultimate takeaway from this data is that companies are rapidly learning how to use video development as a technique to attentively mingle their message instead of transmitting it with brute force.”

Magisto surveyed 545 marketing choice makers in the United States at little, medium and big companies from July to August 2017. To see the full report, click here. About Magisto is the most popular wise video editing application for companies and customers worldwide. Companies use Magisto to produce and deploy video marketing creative with extraordinary ease, agility, speed and Return on Attention (ROA).

Magisto uses Emotional Sense Innovation ™, a patented story detection function that automatically examines and modifies raw video footage and pictures into produced personal movies and professional marketing videos. Magisto is available for iOS, Android and the Web. It’s not magic, it’s Magisto. For additional information check out magisto.com or find us @magisto.

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