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Leading 5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Required to Know for 2019

Every year, it seems new trends and methods are presented into the digital marketing field. Companies that are attempting to follow all the patterns and keep up with their competitors often feel overloaded. Organisations do not need to follow each and every one of the current patterns to remain competitive and carry out efficient digital marketing, they do require to enjoy the landscape and make use of brand-new trends and methods where they can be of benefit to the service.


Some of the techniques that will have a major influence on the field of digital marketing in 2019 have actually been around and utilized consistently for several years, while others are new and recently making a name in the market. No company should miss opportunities by not checking out the finest possibilities in brand-new trends and methods.

Here are the leading 5 techniques in digital marketing that will see growth and usage by business in 2019.

Development hacking

This pattern is concentrated on results, instead of just following traditional processes. With growth hacking, companies employ small strategies and strategies, referred to as ‘hacks’, that are targeted at assisting drive development. Every method that is utilized, every tool that is used, and every strategy that is performed is intended at satisfying the business’s desire to grow. Development hackers see their purpose as hammering out the battleground of digital marketing and getting ahead of the competition at any expense. Growth hacking will end up being more crucial in 2019 as business end up being more concentrated on results.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing has actually been around for a while, and it’s significance will not reduce in 2019. With this technique, the material that you produce and the value that you can offer your consumers is of paramount significance. It focuses on greater levels of production of personalized material. Incoming marketing is a long-term method for growth that focuses on attracting customers with the worth that you can offer them, not simply hitting them with a cool ad. More companies are making this long-lasting dedication their leading priority.

Marketing automation

Automation is making its method into every industry, and digital marketing is no exception. Marketing automation permits companies to grow relationships and connections with prospective clients without needing to commit the same amount of time and work that they used to. When your business makes the choice to focus on automating their systems, marketing automation becomes its own strategy and a big part of the whole company. Marketing automation will continue to grow throughout 2019.

Video marketing

Marketers and companies have actually been discovering brand-new and innovative ways to make use of the medium of video for several years. Devices with high-speed web connections and the capability to stream HD video anywhere are common everywhere. Every day, millions of hours of video content are enjoyed online through places like Facebook and YouTube. With the acknowledgment of the efficiency of video, marketers are prioritizing video material. As business with the budget to produce premium, expert video material comprehend the worth of video, we will see video marketing continue with big growth in 2019.

Chatbot-powered customer care

This practice belongs of the marketing automation pattern that pointed out above. Chatbots are automated computer systems that can hold discussions with your clients. Although chatbot-powered customer support is still rather brand-new to the digital marketing scene, it has a lot of potential as a marketing strategy and has actually gotten a lot of attention. This marketing automation strategy will continue to grow in 2019 as it finds more real-world applications.

2019 will definitely be a very interesting year in the field of digital marketing. Companies must keep their eye on the digital marketing landscape and take a close appearance at these five techniques to see where they may be able to benefit their company.

Bython Media intends to offer options that keep you and your brand on the cutting edge of growth in digital marketing. Want to see how we can help? Get in touch with us today.

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