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How to Make Your Ad Copy More Impactful | Inc.com

Adding a relevant keyword in your ad copy mirrors your audience’s intention and will catch their eye. Doing your audience research is also important to understand the context in which people are using a keyword. 

Knowing whether your audience wants to buy a camera or learn how to use one will shape your ad copy and the success of your campaign. 

• Use power words for different situations. An organization that wants to spread awareness about climate change could work with words like “urgent” or “love” and other terms that have a proven impact on people.

Work these strategies into your ad headline, and support them with information about the benefits your audience gets from using your product. In this way, you’ll leverage emotions to make your ads effective. 

For example, if you find that an ad beginning with a statistic is giving you good results, then see what happens if you use another statistic or rephrase the same statistic in your copy. Then you’ll know whether it’s the emotions that the statistic creates or the specific data you’re using that’s having an impact.

We’ve just covered some helpful ways to make your ad copy more impactful. Refer to this post as a guideline or checklist, and you should be able to craft ad copy that gives you positive results. Always remember to check your ad campaigns and monitor the data you get regularly, and don’t be afraid to make tweaks to see how users respond. 

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