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How to Integrate Social Network and Content Marketing Techniques Successfully?

Content marketing is something no savvy online marketer can overlook in today’s competitive online space. Thanks to disruptive digital technologies and high mobile penetration, individuals are able to access all the info they require in genuine time. It is just with the assistance of content marketing that brand name online marketers have the ability to inform and educate users about their item and services.

There are 2 challenges that content marketers need to get rid of while using content marketing; first, they have to produce engaging and shareable material, and 2nd, they have to get individuals to read them. And how do you do that? By utilizing social networks platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.

Incorporating social networks and content marketing is, however, not as simple as you may believe. Marketers need to produce value for their users at every phase of the conversion funnel. Prior to plunging into integrating these 2 cogs of your marketing mix, you require to address the following questions:

  • Who are you aiming to reach?
  • What value are you offering them?
  • What is the best mix of platforms?
  • How will you track engagement?

The main goal of looping in social media in content marketing is to build authority, trust and likeability. Creating and sharing quality material on a constant basis creates value for your target market on social networks and amasses their support for your brand. That’s not all about using social media and content marketing together. Here’s the best ways to get the best from the integration:

Create content for each platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, you name any social network and you consider so many various kinds of content. Each platform has its own specifications when it comes to the sort of material they publish. Twitter is best-suited for brief posts of 240 characters, Instagram works best for image content and YouTube is best for video marketing. You ought to optimise your content for each platform in order to utilize the strengths of each platform and increase your brand name’s existence on social media networks.

Select the right timing

Posting content at a time when your users are not online would be an utter waste because no one would see it. Your material will get lost in the mess, hence gaining you no concrete results whatsoever. This is why you have to post your material at a time when your users open their social networks applications. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach of finding the right time, however you can select a time when interactions on your page are maximum. You can use various social media automation tools for scheduling posts and for dispersing content on social accounts in a constant way.

Usage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new principle, but it has definitely end up being a popular marketing technique after the introduction of social networks marketing. You can utilize the power of influencers, who are people with a huge fan-following on social networks. These can be anybody who is not only well-known however also links your brand name. You can ask to share your content on their page and influence their fans to inspect your brand name out. Influencers become your brand ambassadors, who can breaking big deals, reaching out to potential customers, lowering sales cycles and boosting your earnings.

Focus on personalization

Customization is the crucial to success in material marketing. Content that strikes an emotional chord with the audience will be more engaging and pertinent. The only way to do so is by including a personal touch to your content. Develop content that encourages your users to comment on your post. Inquire concerns or publish a survey that would press them to comment and not just hide around your page. More the comments, higher is the reach and engagement of the post. You can even utilize location-based marketing to target users with content based upon their geographical area.

Track your efficiency

Last but definitely not the least, you have to determine your efficiency against pre-determined crucial performance indications (KPIs). No social media and content marketing would be efficient without having an appropriate analytical system in location. As a marketer, you have to understand where you stand in the social space. The only method to do so is by determining various social KPIs such as the reach, engagement, shares, tweets and re-tweets and so on. You can use this data to understand the type of posts that work best for you. It can be a laborious job, but it’s likewise vital to do so for enhancing your campaigns.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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