A Picture Sharing Empire

With over 800 million active users, Instagram continues to thrive as the world’s leading photo-based social media. Like a significant artery, Instagram has worked as a carrier of new concepts and development; pumping inspiration into brand names, publishers, and influencers worldwide.

With the increase of Snapchat and other photo sharing sites, the Instagram empire has actually been required to adjust and develop their own versions of tech currently made famous by their rivals (think Stories). Due to the fact that of this ongoing Instagram vs. Snapchat war, Instagram has actually perhaps lost that stimulate of creativity that made them popular in the very first location. However, the website is as popular as ever and its’ spread of influence continues to intrigue users and content marketers across the world.

Two New Game-Changing Features

Over the years, brand names of all ranges have actually turned to the image sharing site to improve their organic reach and appeal to visually minded consumers. They have refocused their organic social networks marketing strategies and have dished out hundreds of dollars to promote and produce interesting visual material on Instagram.

The ease of which online marketers have been able to share and promote content is about to be rattled. On December 12th, Instagram revealed 2 new functions to their platform. Users can now follow their favorite hashtags in the very same way they follow user accounts. They will also have the ability to discover brand-new material in the upcoming< a href="https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/12/16767260/instagram-recommended-for-you-test-feed">‘Suggested for You,’function. Follow #Hashtags Image Source: 9to5mac. com, http://bit.ly/2Cl9iQ9