HighTechLending: It’s everything about leads

HighTechLending: It’s everything about leads

“It’s everything about leads. If you ask any true producer who is struggling right now what they need, that’s what they’ll say.”

So states Don Currie, president of California-based HighTechLending, presently No. 8 on the HECM lending institution list. When HUD issued modifications to the HECM program in 2015, Currie stated it made the already evasive quality reverse mortgage lead a much more difficult get.”HUD actually provided a devastating blow,”he said.”Lead service providers are having a hard time to supply the market with sufficient quality leads for us to survive.” Currie discussed that leads can vary from aged internet leads that can cost$ 5 to high-intent, unique leads than can cost $200 to$300 each. “All leads are not developed equivalent,” he stated.

“The high-intent special lead is the golden egg.”This situation persuaded Currie to take matters into his own hands. At the start of 2018, his company began to focus on lead generation, working to drum up leads internally instead of funnel major marketing dollars to outside providers offering less-than-stellar item at a steep expense.”We took it upon ourselves to take control of our own fate and

to grow a lead division within the walls of HighTechLending, so we can produce our own high-intent unique reverse home loan leads,” Currie said. Currie stated so far, its efforts are working. HighTech’s aggressive digital marketing

projects are driving traffic to its website, generating strong leads from proactive prospects. He stated the loan provider’s conversion rate is balancing 10%, and its objective is to help loan officers close three to 4 loans monthly. HighTech is providing a program that supports leads, providing loan officers who open a branch gain access to

to a lead list with a lowered rate sheet.”They don’t make as much, however they likewise don’t have to come out of pocket with any money to purchase leads,”Currie explained.” Numerous loan officers have actually lost their reserves and it’s extremely hard for them to buy leads; in most cases they simply don’t have the cash.”Currie stated HighTech is presuming a proactive method to endure in today’s market environment.”

It’s a sluggish growth. We are still adapting to the changes, trying to call in the correct methods to get us back to where we were,”he stated.”Having control of your own fate is definitely necessary today. You merely can’t put the survival of your company at the altar of another. “


HighTechLending: ItÕ all about leads

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