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Have you start your digital marketing techniques?


The digital world is spreading everywhere; most of the marketer believes that in the next decade internet will fully penetrate every human being life! Please think about it, if at this internet blossom time you still think that your business online presence is still not a priority! You are probably missing a lot of the best opportunities to make your business grow as everyone still undergo this learning stage!

This is why we founded ADA Marketing in the early year 2014 aimed to help Malaysia Small & Medium Entrepreneur to run their business in the modern way with an effective ads budget! Let me put this straight if you are practicing posting, uploading videos or sharing valuable content on social media on a daily basis is not considered a strategy! Yet, it’s better than you ain’t do anything! At least you still want your business to catch-up with contemporary digital marketing strategies but what if the results are not what you expected and you have already paid a couple of hundreds <Agong Head’s notes> to promote your social site and the outcome was discouraging, don’t raise the white flag yet.

Please ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you plan to sell online?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How am I going to reach them?
  • Do you want to create awareness of your brand?
  • Do you want to promote your local business?
  • What’s do you want to achieve with the digital marketing?

Wait, I  understand that most people have “I am here to make some money” in their minds, but to get there, we need to start somewhere instead of just saying about it! First things first. You should determine who is your target audience first. Think about what your business needs right now and develop a plan. If you want to sell something online, make sure that you are making the right choice to sell your products online according to your current business need, as there’s no point for you to hire a freelancer to develop your own fancy website which nobody even visits you not to say buy your goods/services online. Our Start-up Website Package is just right for you, craft by the professional marketer who got the right recipe to generate your very first selling online with a minimum cost. Thus, do some research it’s no harm to find some other options first, such as a well-known trading website like lazada, lelong, mudah.my(Above mention sites do not treat me teh ais for me; I feature their website just because it’s really work in Malaysia) 

Definitely, you will be competing with other several sellers, take it as your amateur lesson as you can you can benefit from their platform’s in term of their strong marketing, advertising & promotion support. Be aggressive participating the sales campaign for eg: Malaysia largest online fair #mycybersales , with a minimum spent on Ads budget within the campaign period your product post can go further. Develop your E-business experience from here until you have enough customers to go solo (aka your own e-commerce site, as you need to pay additional cash for larger server & the payment gateway integration retention fee)

What do you need to do now?

Start drafting your marketing plan following your business plan. Create your digital marketing strategy as a road map, begin at the point where you are standing right now and decide concise goals to reach, be realistic, you can develop new strategies as you reach your goals and make new ones to keep your company moving forward. Do research about what other companies do to achieve similar goals.

Let’s keep in touch with your customers, as they can provide vital feedback so you can adjust your strategies from the time being to adjust to the final set. Most importantly, all activity which you do within digital marketing is trackable, eg; the customer behaviors, the most view product, the busy moment of the site can be tracked with inserting the google analytics, google webmaster, bing webmaster, baidu webmaster, facebook pixel and etc. I will cover all these tracking tools in next blog.

Last but not least, I will summarize the types of the digital marketing strategies you may implement right after reading this;

  • Internet Advertising – Ads spend on google, youtube, waze, facebook (define your target audience is crucial)
  • Social Media Site – Register an account in all the social media site while also give your self a short info, product/service that you provided,  not to forgot attached your contact/email/address
  • Search Engine Optimization – Hire an experienced SEO Specialist to help you rank your website in local search engine
  • Video Marketing – Take a short video to explain and describe your goods/products, also remember to attach your contact detail.  Or you may start your own live video via Facebook/youtube/Instagram (no harm to try since you already pay for your monthly data plan & have a good handphone come with pretty good camera)

Digital Marketing Strategies is learnable, spend some time on it. You will earn yourself a digital marketer expert in next couple of years.

If you really have no time and no one to run the digital marketing campaign or need a hand to craft your very first digital marketing strategies, do give us a call today or WhatsApp 0173131703!

ADA Marketing got you covered!

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