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Google leads vs Telephone directory Leads which is much better for selling web design/seo?





Originally Posted by EliHood


So, i have this yellow page scraper program that i sort of developed, and it pulls business numbers along with their website.

I sell marketing services, and im not sure if getting leads from yellow pages is profitable. I’m not sure if i should spend 1-2 hours going on the 3-4 pages of google and building a list manually. Or just scrape businesses off yellow pages.

I called a very competitive industry today, and i noticed that the business owners were more receptive of hearing me out, these were leads pulled off of yellow pages.

People that i call from the 3-8 pages of google were not that receptive of hearing me out, maybe its me i don’t know.

Which leads are better Google or Yellow Pages ?

Also which is easier to sell web design to business owners without websites or selling marketing to business owners with websites ?

If you go back and read related threads on this forum you will find the answers to your questions.. to save you the time it would take to get to those threads let me give you the short answers.

The Yellow Book listings in general will show more intererst, and will more than likely be more apt to buy. Why you ask? They have PAID for the listing you are scraping. They are actively paying for advertising. They understand that it takes money to make money. They understand the expense of obtaining business. They have paid for advertising in the past, they will pay for advertising in the NOW – AND the future.

Is is easier to sell websites to those that dont have one? NO. Not that it cant be done, that is exactly what I do.. but I dont make 1000 calls and think I have 2 or 3 possibilities to close a sale.

Is it easier to sell marketing to owners with websites? NO. They have already paid for thier advertising, the website.

Let me throw a concept at you.. you thinking is exactly backwards. You should be selling advertising to those that dont have a website, and selling websites to those that do have websites.

Business’ without websites… a simple exercise… Get the local paper, and look at those that advertise there. You WILL find ads that dont have a website. go and see if they do have a website… if they dont.. call them and sell them advertising. They are more apt to spend on something they are already buying than they wouldbe a websie that they dont have.

Same holds true for those with websites… yes in your local paper there will be business’ with websites. But look at the companies. they will tend to be bigger. When you actually goto the sites, they more often than not will be Corporate place holders vs a site that is actually drawing in leads. These are the people you would want to sell website design to. Why? because they are PROVEN buyers of that specific service.

You can read any number of my posts on the subject.. YES I buck the norm. Yes I sell to those without a proven record in buying that specific service. BUT I’ve probably been selling for longer than you are old, and I have been selling online services for over 20 years. Ive put in my time.. I have played by the rules long enough to know when they can be broken. Your not there yet.. not even close.

Sell to those that have a proven record in buying what you are selling.. its as simple as that. Don’t believe me? Read Claudes post. he says the same thing. Read Jason’s post.. same thing. Read Ozi’s posts.. same thing. I will bet somewhere along the line even Animal has said the same thing.

Everything you need to succeed is right here in this forum… you need to read, internalize, and stop doing what you are doing, and start doing what others here are telling you actually works. ( For most all people and for you especially, just starting out )


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