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Generate Leads with Online Quizzes

This records has been modified for length. To get the full procedure, listen to the podcast.

Michelle Huff: Can you tell me and the audience more about yourself and your business Interact?

Josh Haynam: We have actually produced software application for developing quizzes, which are the hot thing online right now. You see all those tests on Facebook and everywhere. We have actually developed a tool where organisations can build their own quizzes. Everybody’s seen tests on news sites and Buzzfeed and things like that. But how numerous have used them in their own business as a way of doing marketing? Almost none.

Why are online quizzes great for list building?

Michelle: Why do you think tests are an excellent strategy for list building?

Josh: I believe it’s because individuals take them. And it’s so funny how many people I talk with tell me they take quizzes and they act like it’s some big secret that they take them. I will not inform anyone if you do not want me to, however you are the exact same as everyone else. And it’s everyone. I assisted at my sister’s primary school career day. She’s a second-grade teacher. And I was taking quizzes with the kids. And they enjoyed it. They were so included. They would answer the concerns by raising their hands. And they were simply yelling and screaming about their preferred options. Then we’ve likewise had quizzes run with business like Jiffy Lube, where the typical quiz taker is a 70-year old male. Which’s like your grandpa.

They’re taking these quizzes. They’re commenting on Facebook. They’re battling with each other in the remarks about which result they got on the quiz. And it’s everybody. It’s kindergarteners through your grandpa. And it’s throughout the board, everyone delights in taking tests. And when something like that takes place where there’s a huge universal appeal, brand names have to focus. Due to the fact that there’s a chance there for you as an online marketer to lasso that tool, lasso that interest that individuals have about this principle, and use it to grow your brand name.

You take a test that works in your industry, like let’s say you offer coffee, you make a what-kind-of-coffee-drink-are-you test, and you share that out onto social channels, and your website, and things like that. And you use it to draw individuals in. And then within the tests constructed on our platform, you can ask individuals for their e-mail address to see the outcomes. Then you have that contact. And you can follow up. And you can section those e-mails based on what kind of coffee drink they are for that example. And then you can send out someone a latte email versus a cappuccino email.

And it’s wonderful, since you’re sending them stuff they have an interest in, which is among the huge difficulties with marketing in basic, is ensuring that individuals appreciate the stuff that you’re sending.

How do B2B online marketers use online tests for lead generation?

Michelle: How should online marketers approach tests when marketing to an organisation?

Josh: The essential with quizzes is to bear in mind that even within a company, you’re selling to an individual. Which individual has interests, that individual has things they like, they do not like.

One excellent example is an enterprise security software that’s sold to large companies. The method they made their test was they asked exactly what’s your IT character? They’re offering to IT individuals who buy the security software, which is sold to the business. However the person who purchases it is an IT person.

Offering to an individual makes sense when you comprehend exactly what their interests are and what they would be drawn to. And after that you attempt to accommodate that. That’s an effective method of making the quiz for a B2B.

Michelle: Is there a delivery format or method individuals like to take quizzes better than others? Is it better to have it on your website? Is it much better to be in social channels where they’re kind of already in a social type of mood? What has the tendency to work?

Josh: There’s a stack rank of what works well. Number one is Facebook. That’s where many of these things live. It’s where a majority of the traffic to tests originates from. The ones that do go viral, it’s on Facebook. And number 2 is on your website. With our platform you can launch the quiz as an announcement bar throughout the top of your website, or as a popup that comes up on your website after a particular time delay. Then individuals see it when they come to your web page, and they take the test there, and you’re able to capture contact info from more of your website visitors. Those are the two primary methods. We do see it utilized in email from time to time. It’s not almost as effective. It’s actually about Facebook and after that about your site traffic.

Post test follow up and developing out a nurturing cadence

Michelle: How do you apply your test leads to a lead gen supporting campaign?

Josh: In regards to bridging that space over to subsequenting with folks, you have somebody that discovered your quiz on Facebook or on your website, and they’ve chosen in, and now you’re trying to link that over to a follow-up e-mail. The very best method to do it is to segment your list depending upon the quiz result. The very first e-mail you’ll send is a longer version of their quiz outcomes. Your test outcome was latte, let me tell you more about it. And you provide them the full description by means of email. And exactly what that does is although they’ve just seen that same description for the most part within the actual test. Now it’s in their inbox and it feels familiar. And it’s a connection, it’s a bridge.

And now they’re seeing the same thing, they’re used to it, they know what it is. And it kind of develops that connection in between this quiz they took on Facebook, and all of a sudden you are being in their e-mail inbox. That’s the crucial bridge email. Then the next e-mail you send out still involves the quiz. And what you can do is you can send, ‘hey, here’s the other test results that you could have gotten however you didn’t get.’ Because people are always curious. They’re like, ‘not a latte, however like possibly if I was a cappuccino, exactly what does that mean about me? I really would like to know.’

Michelle: What if I was simply an espresso shot, exactly what does that tell me about myself?

Josh: What does that say about my character? Very, essential. And you can send that out. Now that e-mail is a little bit various. It’s not exactly about the test result. However it’s still very linked back to the initial quiz. You’ve got that bridge. And after that the bridge kind of expands a bit. So that’s your second email. And after that your 3rd email is a list of recommendations for the latte person. This is obviously all about coffee, however it can go a lot of different paths.

Michelle: I’m in Seattle. I love coffee. This quite resonates with me. I’m a latte.

Josh: Perfect. So, you send out a list of tips for a latte individual. And maybe on that e-mail you have another deal. It might be to schedule an assessment, or have a look at a video and try to get people to engage a bit more. Now that e-mail is still associated back to the quiz, but it’s getting a little bit further away since you’re offering brand-new suggestions, now you’re offering brand-new content. It’s not simply from the quiz. So that’s your 3rd email. And then the fourth email is where you do some sort of offer. You say, ‘hey, we can assist latte individuals to increase their performance by 100 percent by consuming two lattes. And you ought to purchase those from us, so click on this link to get your discount coupon.’

In other cases, it’s ‘join our webinar’ or schedule a consultation, or a totally free demo, see our video, whatever it is, whatever your next deal, that’s what occurs in the 4th e-mail. You’ve got this series of four e-mails that are the onboarding stuff. And then you typically will filter them back into a regular drip project that nurtures them along a life process your company has established. However those very first four e-mails head out within the very first week or two. They warm people up. They get them utilized to your brand sending out material. And after that you’ve sort of unlocked to other content also.

Michelle: You discussed Facebook. Do individuals, from a B2B standpoint, do individuals take tests on LinkedIn? Is that something they do? Or have you started to see that increasingly more?

Josh: We have. LinkedIn’s big on their content stuff internally now. Individuals are producing quizzes, and they’re putting them into those posts, and linking to the tests from those posts, and seeing some pretty good outcomes. We have actually seen some that have actually done quite well on LinkedIn. It’s sort of a growing channel. But it’s getting steam. And in regards to B2B things, it’s the best location to go.

Michelle: Awesome. I’m sold. Beyond the test technology, exactly what do you recommend having in location, specifically if I desired to actually use it from a lead gen perspective? How does that whole flow work?

Josh: I think the main point to believe about before doing any sort of lead gen is how you’re going to subsequent with people. With a quiz, it’s perfect to have those follow up e-mails currently prepared. I believe the most important thing to have is a solid onboarding series that you are sending to brand-new leads already. Because if you have that, then the test can do well to obtain you brand-new leads and plug them into that series. If you do not have the sequence, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of great to have the leads if you don’t have anything to do with them after the fact. So, the most crucial thing is to have an onboarding flow. If you have that, you can plug a quiz right into it quickly and see how well it does for you.

Michelle: Well I found out a lot about quizzes today. How could individuals find out more about you and Engage? Where should they go? How could they discover more?

Josh: Our site is tryinteract.com. I compose on our blog a fair bit, so tryinteract.com/blog, which is more of the background and type of exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, the psychology of it, the stats behind why things work particular methods. That’s where you can find out more about the actual science behind what’s going on.

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