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Fall Marketing Strategies for Your Martial Arts School

Each week Master Chan Lee of J.K. Lee’s Black Belt Academy hosts a teleconference open to all our clients. In it he goes over the martial arts marketing methods he’s used throughout the years. With 6 schools in the higher Milwaukee location, couple of can match his level of experience and proficiency in marketing a martial arts school.

At the beginning of the year Master Chan Lee sets all of his calendars (marketing, sales, classes, etc.) and in this call Master Lee discussed what that calendar appears like this fall. Check out the highlights from Master Lee’s latest call or listen to it in its entirety listed below.

Deal Back to School Discounts on Equipment

Over the summer, kids have the tendency to grow a fair bit. This leads to the requirement for fresh brand-new uniforms and sparring equipment to wear to class. During the approaching months, think about having a sale on uniforms and gear. What much better way to assist increase your school’s earnings while providing your trainees a good deal?

Reassess Your Unique Offer

Opening up martial arts schools seems to be significantly typical. As schools open up there appears to be a cycle of special deals used to get people through the door and “totally free” is back in style. Offering away a complimentary week (or more) of classes appears to be the deal that is working for others and, if you don’t keep up, rivals might nab up prospective students this method.

Is free the right offer for people in your area? Maybe not, but it doesn’t harmed to reconsider your existing offers and make sure you’re utilizing the right one.

Host Anti-bullying Workshops

Anti-bullying is a key selling point of martial arts. The confidence taught is vital to not being a target of bullying in the first location. To show this value (which can be tough to do without a parents seeing class) host an anti-bullying workshop! Workshops that teach students ways to secure themselves in addition to stand up against bullying are excellent methods to get new students through the door.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

This sort of works together with the last section, however it’s a big focus for all martial arts marketing campaigns to maintain throughout the month of October. From presentations at local schools to promos, the sky is truly the limitation here. Get the message out about decreasing the quantity of bullying and utilize it to assist increase the variety of trainees that your school serves.

Use each trainee as a foundation to generate more trainees.

When you think of a student, don’t just consider them as a single trainee. Each trainee has pals and household that might also have an interest in registering for your school. If your students are currently delighted with your classes, why would not they wish to welcome family and friends to join them? Ensure you supply them sufficient opportunity by hosting pal days (where pals can participate in classes free of charge), self-defense workshops for ladies, and other events that encourage your current students to bring people they know.

If you would like more details on the best ways to increase your school’s income, pay attention to Master Lee using the audio player above. You’ll be thankful that you spent a few minutes seeing exactly how you can improve your bottom line along with gain the inspiration to take your marketing method to a whole new level.

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