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Email Marketing Techniques: preparing for the brand-new era of cyborg and post-PC

Two declarations just recently accentuated signaling the beginning of a new age in regards to our relationship with technology. On the one hand Amber Case, an anthropologist, stated in a lecture at SXSW that ” we are currently cybergs “, and on the other hand Tim Cook, CEO of Apple revealed the start of a “post-PC” period during the launch of the new Ipad. The two declarations walk in the exact same instructions concerning our interaction with technology and therefore are directly pertinent to the world of e-mail marketing.

Case is of the opinion that the computer and the mobile phone currently work as our external brains and that alone is adequate to understand that innovation is currently an organic part of our lives. If we have a whole network of people connected through the cellphone, as well as memories in the kind of photos and correspondence in the kind of e-mail messages, the affirmation of sociology does not stop making good sense.

Ya Cook argues that the computer system age as we are utilized to has actually days counted. He did not refer only to that concept of the original computer, with screen, cpu, keyboard, mouse, cable televisions, and so on He also did it for notebooks and netbooks. The new era, inning accordance with exactly what it says, will be tablets and smartphones, however not only that. In the near future we will be using innovation without viewing it, it will be so integrated into our everyday that it will stop to be something mindful. That is, we will be the cyborgs that Amber Case points out.

We should believe, for that reason, where e-mail marketing will be put within that cyborg world. Clearly it is essential to work on projects that can be imagined in any type of functional system or platform, however it is necessary to surpass that.

To survive because cyborg reality, e-mail marketing need to be incorporated into the regimen of people. If the technology comes through combinations will not be perceived by its users, email marketing as a practice must look for to follow simply that logic. And how to do that? We do not have the responses all set, however one thing is clear, that kind of combination will only feature sophisticated segmentation of the base of contacts and deep understanding of the routines and choices of those contacts.

It will be more than ever vital for the email marketing expert to understand their base of contacts and deal with various methods for segmented groups, making the experience something a lot more individual for the contact.

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