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Economical content marketing techniques that you ought to be benefiting from today

In the digital publishing world, your audience is everything. You can have the most strategically planned, user-friendly website in the world along with the most awesome content but if you have no audience, all are simply useless.

Of course, building an audience is easy if you have unlimited resources. However, many publishers do not have the funds to take full advantage of them. Luckily for the smaller niche publishers who rely more on their cleverness and industry knowledge, there’s a better way to build an audience quickly and organically rather than spending your entire budget and waiting for results. Here are 3 cost-effective content marketing strategies that you should be taking advantage of today:

1. Increase social media traffic to your articles by writing and scheduling more social media posts.

If you want to double the amount of traffic you get from social to your articles, double the number of times you promote your articles. Every time you publish a new article, schedule a series of social media posts for it. Don’t just copy and paste the same post over and over, or use the title of the article for every post. Mix it up and get creative. You can repurpose the post to create shout-outs, quotes, and questions for your readers to respond to. 

2. Choose better keywords to increase organic search.

Finding the right keyword can be a little tricky. Beyond finding long-tail keyword phrases that have search volume and low competition, you also have to decipher what Google thinks the intent is behind a specific keyword. Before you start writing content be sure to search your keyword in Google first. For example, if the keyword shows results with multiple paid ads and pictures it will be expensive to compete with. Also, if the search results show up for something different than what you are searching for, pick a new keyword.

3.Increase your email capture rate with a new offer.

Your email capture rate is calculated by dividing the number of new email subscribers your website captures each month, by the number of unique new visitors passing through your website in the same 30-day period. Your goal is to capture emails from your website visitors by making relevant offers that include free incentives. If your website email capture rate hasn’t increased or is decreasing, ask yourself – when was the last time you switched up your offer? If it has been over a year, it might be time to create a new offer that we like to call a freemium to keep users engaged. To get the most out of your freemium, include a call to action to up-sell to a paid premium product.

Walsh Creative has spent years testing and documenting SEO, social media, conversion techniques and email marketing strategies for online publishers throughout the United States. We work one-on-one with our Web Publisher Pro members to create and implement effective strategies to reach business goals and more. 

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