Creative Marketing Techniques That Will Amplify Your Brand

Creative Marketing Techniques That Will Amplify Your Brand

Most of us have experienced the struggle that comes with trying to market a brand. 

In any competitive market, it is important that your marketing strategy stands out.  Creative marketing is compelling, catches the eye of the customer, and will elevate your brand. 

Just a few of these simple tips could be all you need to change your presence in the marketing game:

  1. Social Media – It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning again.  The web has become such a widely used resource that it would be a mistake to not maximize your marketing here.  The key is to be somewhere that your competitors are not.  A few worth giving a try:
  • Vine:  Maybe you already have a Facebook and Twitter page set up. Have you ever thought about utilizing Vine’s service that allows you to create a 6 second video clip? This outlet is rarely used to its’ full potential. Entertaining content could allow you to be a bigger presence than you would think.
  • Pinterest:  This image-sharing website allows you to post your most observable work, like templates or infographics.  Pairing these with a link to your website could open the doorway to a great deal of traffic.
  • Business pages on Facebook allow you to keep tabs on other businesses with the Pages to Watch feature.  Observe what works the best for those companies and which types of posts get the most ‘likes’.

2. Triggered Emails – Sending an email that makes additional offers after a customer abandons a shopping cart or provides information is a chance to keep your name in the mind of a customer who was close to buying.

3. Keep it simple Too many slogans and messages are confusing to potential customers.  It is better to keep this simple so that customers can perceive your brand in a concrete way. In all aspects of marketing, keep it down to three choices, from what type of font is used, to the number of times you follow up.

4. Music If your business has a theme song, utilizing services like Pandora or Spotify to advertise your brand could bring in new customers. Services like these are great, as they reach a variety of audiences.

5. Don’t just network – Hold events where your company is located so that people can learn what your company is about.  Brands like Lululemon create community outreach by holding yoga classes in their store every week. This type of community involvement keeps things interesting and overall brings out the values of the brand itself to real life.

There are many different ways to tell your story- how you use your resources is how you sell it!  Just a few change-ups in your strategy game could bring your brand to new heights.


Creative Marketing Strategies That Will Amplify Your Brand

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