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Conversion-Led Email Marketing Strategies for All-Size Businesses – Iconshots Magazine

Online marketing has become a huge part of modern day industry! Whether you are a blogger or a business owner with an active website, content and online marketing are crucial. Without the right balance, your whole online identity could be in crisis. Do you really want that kind of crisis on your hands? Most probably not! So, be aware and manage both intelligently.

For content optimization, agencies like Low Cost SEO offer SEO services in Sydney! But, what do you plan on doing for marketing? After all, that will also aid in improving online visibility and conversion rates.

Today we will talk about one such marketing strategy known as email marketing! Do you feel that emails have become obsolete? If yes, then you are wrong! It is true that in the age of Whatsapp and Facebook, email is facing a lot of competition. But, they still have the power to draw in crowds towards your website.

What Email Marketing Strategies Work Efficiently for All Businesses?

Do not think that you are the only one trying to tap into the power line of email marketing! All your competitors are doing the same. What you need to focus on is being smart by employing the right strategies. This will help your email marketing achieve successful attention. This can then lead to conversions as well!

Here are 5 strategies that will work wonders for your business:

  • Personalize the Email:

Someone signs up for your email list; and you send them a generalized email! Would you have liked to receive such an email? Most probably not! Your clients would always like you to recognize them as individuals. Never treat them like another person in your list of email addresses. Make sure that each email has been personalized. How do you do that? Well, you could start by including the name of each customer in the emails you send out. They should feel connected to your brand. Just one advice, do not try to seem too friendly! Your customers know that you do not know them personally. So, a personalized mail needs to sound professional, but one that acknowledges them as a separate individual (not as a dear friend).

  • Subject Lines:

Most people opt for a short to the point subject line! That is good, but only for formal emails. The ones that you send out as part of email marketing need not be. So, make it flashy (something that catches the eye); and not too formal. Many experts would say, that, it is best to neither go below 60 nor above 70! Although, statistics have often shown, below 49 characters offers better opening rates, while subject lines above 70 provides better click-through rates. So, you need to decide what you want; click-through or open rate!

  • Time:

You cannot just send off an email, whenever you want! There is a time for everything. You need to time it right, even the time at which you send the email. If you send an email during business hours on a weekday, you can forget about any viewership. It would be best to send the emails once the clients are back home. Knowing each and every client’s time of arrival is difficult, so take an average. It would be best to send the email between 9 p.m. to midnight.

  • Integration of Offers:

You want conversions, right? So, you have to give something to get something. Include amazing offers in your emails (once in a while). After say about, 5 promotional emails, offer something huge! What, you ask? Well, discounts and promo codes! For better sales, input a condition for redeeming the discounts. But, remember that the condition should not overwhelm your clients. For example, no one will be interested if you offer 5% discount on purchase over $500! You will need to make the condition worthy of your client’s attention like buy 2 get 1 free or even buy 3 get 2 free! Think smart. Do not try to concentrate only on sales, think about the user experience as well.

  • Weekends:

Always send your emails, when your clients are free to check their personal email. So, the weekday timeline mentioned above is the most efficient. But, weekends can also work wonders. When you send an email over the weekend, people will definitely read it. Just one piece of advice, make sure that your emails are mobile friendly! Most people stay away from laptops and computers on weekends. But, they do check their mail on their Smartphone. So, they should be able to see and understand it all on the mobile.

Engage these 5 strategies in your email marketing and see the magic! Email marketing might seem to be the tortoise, but remember that the tortoise always won. So, have patience. It may take some time, but experts guarantee that proper implementation of email strategies can help improve conversion rates significantly overtime!



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