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Contributions In The Middle Of Catastrophe: 3 Nonprofit Marketing Strategies That Work

These are simply a few of the lots of tragic headings from the past year. Between the billions of dollars of damage and lives lost in Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the current school shooting in Parkland, Fla., the media has actually been busy bringing stories of distress and triumph.

Not-for-profit organizations focused on supporting victims are striving to raise donations and neighborhood engagement, but with a limited budget, this is particularly difficult. However, it’s not difficult to establish efficient nonprofit marketing strategies, as the following nonprofits have shown.

Here are three fantastic examples of how creative marketing methods can bring some excellent out of dark times.

The Patriotic Effect for Nonprofit Marketing Methods

There’s no question the nation is incredibly divided. Arguments rave on over topics varying from weapon control, to nationwide security, to expert football games. Needless to state, it’s a breath of fresh air to see American public figures lastly unify. Which’s precisely what One America Appeal intended to do.

Their motto states it all: One Nation. One Appeal. They revealed this motto in action when they employed the help of all the living former presidents. Both Democrats and Republicans got involved in the campaign launch through a civil service statement.

2 video advertisements ran during NFL video games with a very particular objective in mind: fund catastrophe relief in Texas. Because Cyclone Irma struck the southeast and Typhoon Maria hit Puerto Rico, the initiative broadened its focus to assisting rebuild Florida and Puerto Rico communities also.

Their not-for-profit marketing methods were reliable because they got the assistance of a few of the most reputable political leaders in history, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Their call-to-action was clear and using a patriotic tone, the organization motivated the American individuals to come together to assist reconstruct neighborhoods. Fundraising has actually considering that ended, reaching $42 million.

Marketing idea: Take the current social and political environment into consideration. Determine how you can make a favorable statement that goes beyond minor political fights and amplify a message of unity and optimism.

Education Is Empowering

Gun-related arguments continue in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland. But amidst the heated arguments, gun control groups are seeing a big rise in donations and volunteers.

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who endured a gunshot wound in 2011, started her company in 2012, which later became referred to as Giffords. According to reports from The Daily Beast, they raised $1.2 million in the week following the Parkland shooting.

Another company that saw an increase in assistance is the Brady Campaign to Avoid Weapon Violence. They already opened three new chapters as well as experienced an increase in contributions.

Apart from being committed to the exact same cause, these nonprofits all have something in typical when it comes to their marketing strategy: education.

They create content that informs readers about the occurrence of gun violence in America, along with how they can support their cause. Sandy Hook Pledge developed several programs under their Know the Indications content project. Each program focuses on assisting in much safer communities and schools.

Marketing tip: As you’re figuring out how to raise funds for your not-for-profit cause, do not forget the worth of community engagement. Which begins with education. Create material that empowers your readers to obtain involved in some way with your cause, even if they cannot do so economically.

Video Captivated Your Audience

Video material continues to be one of the very best content formats for engagement. Hubspot’s “2016 Consumer Behavior Survey” discovered that 55 percent of people take in video material in an extensive manner– much more so than social networks posts and news posts.

So, it’s no surprise why the American Red Cross uses video to attend to a number of subjects. For instance, they recorded a video after Hurricane Harvey including president and CEO, Gail McGovern, in response to reports about them misusing donations.

Critics recommended they don’t invest enough of their financing in their humanitarian efforts, so they used video to offer their audience a take a look at how they run behind the scenes.

The video consists of footage of their volunteer operations, as volunteers established cots, carried relief supplies and transferred food and water to affected locations. McGovern also shares financial information, highlighting how $0.91 of every dollar donated went to cyclone victims.

This works because it shows the business’s dedication to openness. Instead of avoiding debates, they showcased the reality of their operations.

Marketing tip: Use video content to reveal your audience how their donations benefit victims and your capability to follow the reason for your nonprofit. By exercising openness, you develop a greater sense of trust with donors.

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