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CMOs in the know: Our leading 10 Marketing Techniques columns of 2017

By Desiree Everts DeNunzio As we head into the new year, it’s a great time to look back at the marketing patterns and tactics that shaped 2017. Understanding what worked and exactly what didn’t in the industry will assist both you and your company plan tactically for the year ahead.

Marketing Land’s most popular columns of the year covered a vast array of strategies, as our factors kindly shared their expert tips on everything from retention marketing to figuring out a budget plan for your digital marketing program. Our readers were specifically eager to find out about exactly what sort of marketing strategy leads to a viral phenomenon. Heard all the buzz surrounding the Instant Pot? You’re not alone … and you may even have discovered yourself the recipient of one for the holidays this year. Columnist Brian Patterson spoke to the

CEO of Immediate Pot, Robert Wang, to answer marketers’concerns about formulating a cult-like following. Take a look at these subjects and more in our list of the leading 10 Marketing Methods columns of 2017– they make sure to assist you strategize for 2018 and get your marketing program in good shape.

  1. The magic behind the Instant Pot viral phenomenon (and the CEO’s favorite dish) by
  2. Brian Patterson, published on 3/13/2017. The rise of retention marketing as a strategic priority in 2017 by Heather Timney, released on 1/30/2017. 6 roles you require on your marketing team+2 you probably haven’t thought about by Garrett Mehrguth, released on 4/26/2017.
  3. Just how much should B2B business buy digital marketing ? by
  4. Dale Hursh, released on 1/27/2017.< a href= "https://marketingland.com/32-step-journey-bruno-mars-album-can-teach-tech-companies-215803"target=" _ blank"> Exactly what a 32-step journey to a Bruno Mars album can teach online marketers and tech companies by
  5. a marketer? You have to be marketing yourself by Sweta Patel, released on 10/9/2017. Entrepreneurial lessons from an amateur poker gamer by Liad Agmon, published on 1/6/2017.
  6. The evolution of the client journey in 2017: Enhancing moments that matter by
  7. Jim Yu, published on 1/10/2017. Study results: Here’s what 376 online marketers say is operating in internet marketing by
  8. Taking Goliath down: The best ways to complete with the giants in your industry by

Aden Andrus, published on 5/11/2017.

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