Cheap Video Marketing Techniques for Recording with Your Cell Phone

Cheap Video Marketing Techniques for Recording with Your Cell Phone

This topic will most likely strike house for a lot of people due to the fact that, let’s be genuine– times are tough and we have to make every penny count.

If you can cut corners on saving some dinero (AKA some huge bills), then why not?

Fortunately for you, I have actually been reasonably “broke” 99% of my life, so take some personal advice from a fellow videographer who comprehends cheap video marketing!

Here are just a few techniques to produce professional videos, without the assistance of a business budget plan:

Put Your Phone to Work

It’s 2018, everyone has a cellular phone. And it’s most likely the newest design, if not something quite near to it.

I rock the Samsung Galaxy s8 and the video quality for it is quite incredible.

Honestly, sometimes it’s tough to even tell the difference between shooting with your phone and a $2,000 HD cam.

Phones have actually come a long method– quick, ending up being a jack of all trades for several uses.

I suggest seriously, consider all the methods your use your phone aside from its preliminary purpose of making call.

Make certain you check your settings, so that when shooting video, you’re taping in the greatest quality possible.

Likewise, think about investing a couple of dollars a year on iCloud storage, so that those huge video files do not consume all your area on your phone.

As soon as you get comfortable with shooting with your phone, you wish to get some equipment too.

Get the Right Gear

Remember, we are attempting to produce quality content on a spending plan, however that doesn’t suggest we need to cut corners out either. You’ll still need the right devices to obtain the task done right.

First of all, buy a proper tripod.

Nobody wishes to see a shaky selfie video. Keep in mind, simply since you’re aiming to get away with cheap video marketing, it does not suggest your video needs to look like it was shot by an amateur. Consistent that cam, folks.

I suggest shooting with your phone sideways (or holding it horizontally instead of vertically) to get that broad shot. They look substantially much better in the editing space. Believe me.

Next, you’ll need some lights.

Here’s where your video marketing budget plan gets the most “costly,” however correct lighting is worth the investment, each time.

If you’re going to display that quite mug, then do it right by making sure you have a well-lit, balanced lighting on your subject and your shooting space.

How lots of windows does your room have, if any? Use that natural light whenever possible (always remember to white balance) and you may not even need additional external lights!

If you notice it’s looking a little dark when playing back your clip, then you will need to key the topic.

A lot of people prefer to get real technical with the lighting set-up by including several lights to avoid shadows, however that isn’t actually needed.

This next tool is actually crucial.

Absolutely nothing turns audiences off more than bad audio. You understand, when an individual sounds like they remain in a corridor– that loud open echo sound.

They aren’t using an external microphone, or at least not one that’s close adequate to their mouth to select up directional sound.

If you just use your phone’s built-in speaker, it’ll get all other sound in the space, making it difficult focus on the subject’s voice.

Sadly, cordless mic alternatives for phone begin to get costly, so I advise relying on the great ol’ wired version. If you have your phone on a tripod, you’ll probably be close enough to an outlet– so don’t sweat it.

Conserve a Buck in the Editing Process

Think it or not, you can utilize your phone itself to edit your video clips.

There are a bunch of apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Shop– plus, many are totally free!

.?.!! For instance, Adobe’s video software application, Premiere, is complimentary to download as an app; whereas, on your computer system, you need to pay for a month-to-month membership.

The app does the job with nearly total ease.

If you have an Apple laptop computer, you can utilize iMovie, which comes already installed, to modify your work also.

Take Advantage Of Social Media for “Free” Distribution

Once you have your goodies taped and created, you can share your work for totally free on all social media websites.

Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, and so on are all totally, 100% free to post your masterpieces and show off your awesome work.

What does it cost? Was That Again ?!

Alrighty, that all about covers what you have to get going!

Let’s say you get whatever on my list– and let’s even assume you do not have Amazon Prime to get totally free shipping.

To obtain your butt in equipment and begin making some awesome/cheap video marketing videos, you’ll be spending about $60.

Sixty dollars ?! That’s nothing!

Let’s be sincere. There’s no excuse for you to not be making quite decent videos for your marketing projects.


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