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Why Use Beacons?

When it pertains to marketing for any organisation, there have always been many channels to obtain your message throughout and bring in present and new consumers. These ways have definitely evolved for many years. It started with town criers who yelled out deals, which eventually got replaced by handouts and papers, and later on radio and television broadcasts.A decade earlier, little services would establish a table showing their items and engage with passersby in the hopes of making a sale. Because then, the advancement of technology has expanded the reach of SMEs and the quality of info sharing– Be it social media or business listing websites.

With innovations advancing in this space, little and medium business organisations have now moved focus to something brand-new and exciting- Proximity marketing with beacons.

What are beacons? How do they function?

Beacons are affordable, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE(also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart)that can be used to provide proximity-based, context-aware messages.A beacon sends signals which enable another gadget to identify its proximity to the broadcaster. In a shop, a beacon lets a customer’s app determine that it’s close to a particular aisle, or in a particular department.Why is beacon the best marketing method for small and medium businesses?

Small and medium organisations have often been bashed by lack of monetary power and hammered by online shopping. Why go to stores when deals and customized shopping are discovered so easily online? But that game is now changing with the Beacon technology!

Convenient to your clients to discover you The golden guideline for any service to flourish is to understand and adapt your marketing method to exactly what your customers are habituated with. Now here are few numbers you might wish to look at– 84% of clients utilize their smartphone while shopping. For any small or medium sized organisation, instead of spending dollars on Facebook and other social media projects, or printing in-store posters, take your opportunities utilizing beacon technology– which is a more natural and practical method of communication with the customers.

With beacons, you can send immediate notifications of any relevant info straight to a customer’s smartphone when they are near your place. The client does not need to do anything, they merely are doing … learn more Read more here:



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