Author: Scott Larsen

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Social Media Marketing Strategies

    For most of us, social media networks are an enjoyable and fascinating way to connect and interact. For a digital marketing agency they are tools of the trade, to be incorporated within a holistic marketing strategy to assist reach organisation outcomes, and to showcase the uniqueness of each client.Marketers can not select if their brand […]

  • 3 Creative Marketing Methods

    3 Creative Marketing Methods

    With the seemingly limitless options for consumers in today’s market, how do you get your organisation to stand apart from the pack? You could go to Google for resources, however typing in “the best ways to market your company” will give you back 135 million results and most of the first page will include cookie-cutter […]

  • 5 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing Strategies

    5 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing Strategies

    By Dennis Hung Running a small company can be difficult. You just do not have the resources that much bigger companies have at their disposal. Among these resources is a big marketing budget. A post by the Business owner specifies that the typical small company spends $400 a month on marketing. While this might be […]

  • 5 Marketing Strategies for Success

    5 Marketing Strategies for Success

    Guy Kawasaki, U.S. author, marketer and investor, in his 2014 Berkeley TedX talk, “The Art of Development,” insightfully describes how you have to resolve your core structure, with 10 easy points. Once a marketing employee with Apple, he contributed in the strategy used by them to promote the Apple Macintosh home computer system (yes, the […]