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An Open Keep In Mind to Brands Utilizing Influencer Marketing Methods


Whether you’re a blogger, Instagramer, YouTuber, Pinterester, Twitter mogul, Facebook genius, or a combination of the bunch, it’s most likely you have actually worked with brands and been paid. Did you do a ‘great job?’ Did you satisfy their expectations or maybe surpass them? Possibly you were having an off day and didn’t publish your finest work. Regardless, even when we produce quality material, it’s frequently not utilized efficiently by the brand name.

An Open Note to Brands Utilizing Influencer Marketing Methods

Dear Brand name,

Why me?

You picked me. Whether I filled out a form or you found me, you picked me for a factor. Is it my numbers? My photography skills? My design of writing? Whatever the case, you must have some idea of my abilities.

If you want to partner with me for my content, then please, let me create it. When browsing a four-page list of needed crucial messages, along with an encyclopedia of dos & & do n’ts, my imagination tanks. There is absolutely nothing more suppressing than having to inspect all your boxes and somehow use my “own voice,” then have my draft returned covered in red. If you ‘d like to simply write your own material for our site, then save me the time– we might be open up to that if it’s gone over accordingly. I comprehend legalities and liability. When you insist on dictating the instructions of my content to an unreasonable degree, you won’t get my finest work. Neither of us win.

What are we doing?

It is very important for us (the influencers) to know what we’re being asked to provide. We are developing material– whether it’s composed, visual, or audial– to market a service or product. Naturally, sales are very important for both parties, especially when using affiliate links, however the main service we’re providing is awareness. We are getting eyes on your item, and we’re (ideally) informing a remarkable, amusing story, including your brand so that customers consider you when making a purchase.

A sales-focused approach to material development largely depends upon the item, however when our efficiency is exclusively assessed by immediate sales, you’re missing our most important service: Long-term advocacy. For example, with platforms like Pinterest, a reader may pertain to my post months after the campaign close and make a purchase. You have actually stopping tracking, your discount coupon code has actually expired, and my efforts are forgotten. With SEO, it takes some time to “rank.” Our article may wind up on page one for a popular search, leading to evergreen traffic and eyes on your brand for many years to come.

We likewise share post via our social channels forever. The post we write for you resides on in social networks long after the regards to our contract have ended.

How typically do you reach out to deal with us again or offer feedback?

If you’re familiar with SEO, you comprehend the enormous advantages of ongoing collaborations.

Working with influencers in a long-lasting, tactical way leads to favorable results:

  • It’s better for SEO when we interlink several posts.
    • If we have a 6-post series to link together, it’s much more effective than a one-and-done post.
  • Our readers will acknowledge us as an “specialist” on your product. They will concern us or our website for info on the important things we blog about frequently. This permits us to advocate for your brand name, even after the campaign has ended.
  • Relationships will form and we can team up better. Yes, this is still occurring. Brand names and influencers talk and bond– it’s an incredibly satisfying experience. It assists us produce better material when we have stronger connections to our brand name partners. It likewise assists produce a more organic, human response to our stories about your item. That’s the objective we’re all attempting to achieve.
  • Content method can be prepared over a period of time to cover your item, service, and brand name story in detail, hitting all your key messages.
  • Evergreen material is then readily available for use on your brand’s social channels.
    • Trusted, third-party endorsement of your item.


Concerning this subject, I can just speak on behalf of our site. My sis and I have actually been blogging for over eight years. This is our service; it’s not a pastime. We invest our time into finding out platform rules, brand-new algorithms, and material techniques for both our website’s and your brand’s benefit. We always follow FTC standards. We spend for various tools and plugins to ensure our website is running effectively and being crawled by Google. We buy cams, smart devices, lighting, props, and educational courses to produce high quality outcomes. This is all before our very first piece of interaction with you.

As soon as an assignment is received, we proceed with doing our own SEO keyword research study, shooting original photography of Pinterest quality, and then produce interesting material for our audience. There is no such thing as a “quick post.”

We are developing a piece of marketing product for you– a publication spread, a social signboard, and, if video is part of the contract, an industrial, too.

These services deserve fair payment, but total ROI is also in your hands. You ought to utilize these marketing possessions we’ve developed by sharing them on your social channels.

The influencer-brand relationship should be a truly collective collaboration. It requires clear interaction, shared regard, and permits time for the material creator to grow. Useful feedback in both instructions is vital.

This influencer space is relatively new to everybody. We’re adjusting to the glowing screens that are constantly in our faces. We may have even lost touch with the truth that on the other side of that screen is a person– a brand name representative, a blogger, a parent, an influencer, yes, however it’s still a human being. It’s alright to connect. That’s where appeal is born, and that’s what we’re all looking for. So, let’s talk … possibly even on the phone.

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