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Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Bloggers

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while now but there are no signs of its popularity waning. As a business tool, it is ideal for those entrepreneurs taking their first tentative step in the world of E-commerce.

The simplicity of the model, the low cost of implementation and the potential for making considerable income, make setting up as an affiliate an attractive proposition. For any blogger who has ever considered ways of monetizing something he has already been passionate about, it’s ideal.

Evergreen content

If you’ve been blogging for some time, you’ll understand the importance of strong content. This is even more crucial when it comes to marketing products. Your evergreen content are the posts directly relating to your subject matter that should most engage your potential customer base. Sharpening this evergreen content will guarantee you to keep interest in the items bubbling over, so think of ways to continually update the information you are providing. Remember, stagnation is a word never to be associated with a blog site containing products with a track record of attracting attention from site visitors. Ensure you keep the content and overall layout of your blogs as up-to-date as possible, promoting new additions to your program with appropriate enthusiasm.

Your evergreen content will work organically around your key items – pillar products – that you have already identified as having the greatest potential in terms of sales. You should devote more energy to prioritizing the promotion of a selected band of items – especially your bestsellers – rather than treating everything in your portfolio as being of equal importance. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your most expensive products. If an inexpensive item is boasting a considerable turnover then this should be treated as a pillar product.

Visitors don’t like to be confronted with too many options when it comes to reading product reviews or blog posts relating to your latest items. Focus on a select few and provide your customers with detailed information, such as FAQ lists, or video demonstrations. The latter are an invaluable promotional tool because they give you the opportunity to present your products in a compelling way. This is an excellent example of that all-important aspects of customer engagement. Rather than simply presenting a series of links leading to a list of items, you are offering direct evidence of why you feel this product is important to you. The clear implication is that they should consider investing in it as well.

This encapsulates how affiliate marketing can be a much more effective way of monetizing your blog than merely using your web platform to plug someone’s products. You’ll know yourself what it feels like to browse through sales pages which have been set up as just that, pages imploring site visitors to buy something. Few customers will have alighted on your blog through casual browsing. It will be because your content has ignited their interest in the affiliate products.

Become the voice of authority

There are few markets out there where the product at the core is unique. Whatever you are selling via your blog, you can be sure someone else is already doing it, and if they are, there is no reason to believe they’re not doing it well, and competently.

So, you need to think about being innovative when communicating with your customer base. Always keep hold of the notion that you are going to become the authority on your subject, and this will be reflected in the blogs you write about the items. Think that everything you present to your public must be something that engages them, leaving them in no doubt your are the ‘go to’ expert for information and for placing orders.

Here are a few of increasing your reach. Why not host a webinar? This would be particularly effective if you are promoting anything techy, from hardware to software. Nurture your readership by linking up your various social media outlets, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest.

Think visually. Post a review of your product on YouTube will be worth so much more than a few paragraphs of text, no matter how enthusiastic you are. And, check out sites like TopOffers affiliate marketing to keep abreast of developments.

Email Campaign

Another excellent way to engage with your audience is to get them to subscribe to regular email shots. They are used to persuade customers to engage with the company. While email has managed to stand the test of time, many marketers have failed to update their strategies since its inception. Once you establish yourself within a niche area, a targeted email campaign can be highly lucrative, with software such as MailChimp or iContact capable of fine-tuning your electronic messages. To build, execute, and maintain effective email marketing campaigns, you must pay close attention to your audience, the message, and avoid the common trap of simply blasting out self-promotional messages.




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