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Adding Out-of-the-Box Marketing Strategies to your Marketing Arsenal

Out-of-the-box marketing, or any of kind of guerrilla marketing, has its advantages; it is emotional, it is inimitable and it is shareable. Plus, it could significantly bump your bottom line as well. A strategy that implements a guerrilla marketing campaign can lead to a 30% increase in product sales or new business partners and a possible 95% decrease in budget. Obtain the interest of bored customers with something exciting and new. Below are just a few examples of out-of-the-box marketing strategies you could try to help get MLM leads and build your Network Marketing business.

Event Marketing

In this circumstance, event marketing can be defined as marketing an event to promote a company, not the strategy of marketing a company where the product is an event, though some of this advice could apply to both. Whether your business is based on selling a service, provides intangible products online, or tangible products/services off-line, you can market your products and services with an event.

The initial step is to determine present and potential small customer pains and recommend a simple solution to them. The concept is to develop trust by solving a smaller problem so you are able to capture the business lead, then continue to offer value so they begin to see you as a natural solution once they are ready to buy. The small, pre-sales solution should be in a format that you can present during an event; anything from a live Q and A session or document discussed through a teleconference. Any form of content you are able to add an interactive element to can be turned into an event.

People will attend or they will at least provide you with their information with the intention of attending if you are addressing their problems. The important thing is to find out what they may be. You can provide a solution to them by turning whatever your present draw is into an event and it does not have to be time-consuming.


If you are doing all you can to bring in traffic to your website, but you are not attempting to address the visitors who leave your site without buying anything, you are only doing part of what is needed to be effective. Retargeting monitors the people who come to your website but don’t convert, and enables you to display your advertisements to them as they browse the net and check out other websites. Service providers who focus on this innovative marketing strategy work directly with the biggest advertisement exchanges so you can promote your product to your prospective customers over and over, wherever they might roam on the internet. Retargeting considerably increases both click through and conversion rates since it encourages repeat visits from visitors who have already shown a little interest in what you are offering.

Out-of-the-Box Leads Platforms

Another way how to get leads for network marketing is by utilizing more than just social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, too many marketers rely on these avenues alone and wonder why they are not seeing success. There are far more opportunities out there to get the word out on your business. For instance, a newer platform that just arrived at the scene, MLM Gateway, offers a free service to people active in MLM businesses where they can connect with others, network and form new potential partners. You initially connect with others through an online form on the site and then set up personal meetings, phone calls or other forms of communication outside the site.




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