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5 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks sites worldwide. Inning accordance with some reports, this platform has more than 310 million month-to-month active users and more than 1.3 billion accounts. Because people choose utilizing Twitter to publish tweets about everything and anything, it comes as not a surprise why marketers and companies consider it as an effective strategy to generate leads and promote the brand name. Ways to do lead generation on Twitter? Let’s discover!

First, the most recent lead generation news from Twitter

Lead generation was relatively simple before due to the fact that you had the chance to use lead generation advertisements. That said, this social media giant revealed that starting February 1, 2017, it will stop creating lead generation projects. The announcement also mentions that Twitter will eliminate the capability to produce or modify lead generation, however online marketers were able to see or delete current campaigns until March 1.

No, this doesn’t imply Twitter will ban any promotion or generating leads. In fact, Twitter is just experimenting with various methods and options that would assist marketers get in touch with customers effectively. At this point, they are creating a new list building format that would increase the number of dealerships.

Just since you can’t utilize lead generation advertisements, it does not indicate you’re powerless. There many methods to create leads on Twitter.

Usage appropriate hashtags

When it comes to this social networks platforms, everything’s about hashtags. In truth, Twitter was sporting these bad young boys before Facebook or Instagram. To create leads, you have to connect with other individuals, primarily those who might use your services or products. Naturally, the most convenient method to find those people is to use hashtags that relate to your brand and specific niche.

Not just will hashtags help you see other public tweets and follow other individuals, however it will also make your tweet visible to a larger group of people. Keep in mind, tweets with 1-2 hashtags get 2 times more engagement than those with 3 or more hashtags. It indicates that although hashtags are useful and practical, you should still keep it in moderation to prevent spamming.

Develop a target market

One of the most common lead generation mistakes that individuals make on Twitter is anticipating people to come throughout your profile and hit the “follow” button. You have to be proactive, rather of waiting on somebody to stumble upon your username. Exactly what makes Twitter so advantageous is that it’s an open social media channel that allows you to get in touch with other users quickly as well as do blog writer outreach for influencer projects.

Go into a defined term in a search bar, read tweets and follow individuals to develop a target market. Obviously, you’ll have greater opportunities of success if you follow individuals that relate to your market than following every profile you encounter.

Go one action further and interact with people you simply followed, develop discussions, and develop a track record. It does not matter what type of profile you have, service or private, it’s constantly a smart idea to communicate with people you follow. As a result, you have a greater opportunity of turning them into possible clients.

Develop a landing page for Twitter fans

When you’re about to share the site URL with individuals who follow you on Twitter, rather of directing them to the homepage, use a landing page simply for this purpose. Why? That is because producing a devoted landing page for Twitter fans ensures you include them into the marketing funnel. Remember, the primary goal of this landing page must be to obtain a member’s e-mail address. That method, you would be able to reach that person on Twitter.

Make certain the link in the tweet you post goes straight to the landing page. Also, your landing page need to be brief and precise and only use one call-to-action. Finally, make sure you always remember the number of visitors to the landing page transformed into contacts.

Keep it short

Tweeting must be thought about an art form. You have to figure out how to say something in 145 characters or less. Tweeting is an outstanding method to produce more leads. You don’t have to tweet all the time, every day, however make certain you post a minimum of one upgrade on a day-to-day basis. Usage tweet statics to see the level of engagement your post got and determine the very best time for you to compose a couple of tweets. Consistency matters.

When it concerns publishing, keep your tweets short, succinct, and exact. Avoid dragging the topic on and keep publishing one tweet after another, that make your followers confused and irritated. Evidence shows that tweets with 100 characters or less get 17% more engagement.

Move conversation off Twitter too

As pointed out above, a helpful method to produce more leads is to engage and communicate with other people on Twitter. After some time, you can likewise consider broadening the discussion to email or even move it from the timeline to direct messages inbox. Why? It makes the interaction more personal, which is necessary for customers. Also, they might do not hesitate to ask concerns they ‘d never ever ask openly.

It doesn’t mean you should ditch Twitter as quickly as you produce leads. In fact, moving discussion somewhere else is simply an additional method to nurture the relationship with leads. You can still get in touch with them on Twitter though. Another need to move the discussion elsewhere is to be able to include that lead into other marketing methods that directed to different platforms.


Twitter is extremely beneficial to nurture leads, but the social media giant announced its list building advertisements will not be offered from now on. Thankfully, there are other methods to produce leads on this platform, and they focus on following and getting in touch with Twitter users related to your specific niche.

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