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5 Things a New Business Must Know About Creating a Website

Mojo Impact Academy
  1. Before anything else, determine the goal of your website. Do you want visitors to buy something? Call you? For what? Tell them exactly what you want them to do.
  2. Use multiple calls to action to accomplish your goal
  3. Be findable. Include contact information in the header’s in top right corner on every page of your website. Plus, use a full contact section or page and put the info in the footer too.
  4. Make it stupid-easy for people to reach you. Add text messaging as a contact option. And use a contact form above the fold on your home page
  5. Use professional email to establish trust and authority. Look at the sites that use something like “Email us at” That’s just awful. Many hosting companies include email with your domain name. Use that.

To be continued…
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